Emma Watson To Take A Year Long Break From Acting To Pursue Role As An Activist

The well known and loved Harry Potter star, Emma Watson, has confirmed that she will be taking a one year break from acting to further pursue personal developments and continue expanding her role in activism.

Currently 25 years of age, Watson has been involved in the acting industry since she was as young as 9 years old. However, it’s no secret that the actress has been heavily involved with real world issues and has become a public figure towards fighting for equality. Watson is widely known for her gender equality project known as the “HeForShe” campaign.

Emma Watson To Take A Year Break From Acting To Pursue Role As An Activist 1

Watson explains that her personal development includes reading a book once a week, while also reading another book per month to discuss throughout her book club. With the addition of reading, she also wants to do a lot of “listening” to the world and those around her.

Watson’s personal development goes hand and hand with her ever growing involvement with activism. While the actress takes a break from the big screen and listens to the world, she wants to engage in conversations with those who may not particularly understand or be involved with active rights such as the feminist movement.

The “HeForShe” campaign was started back in September of 2014, held at the Headquarters of United Nations in New York. The UN ambassador herself, Watson, hosted the event and her speech on equality became viral shortly after.


While we won’t be seeing Emma Watson taking on new acting projects for the time being, we will witness her in a whole new light as she becomes even more heavily involved with equality and making a difference. Watson is a role model for many and has provided insight to the world and people around us.

We wish Emma all the best as she goes on to pursue her personal development and continues to shape and change the world one day at a time.


Written by CelebMix