The End of One Direction?

As you’ve probably heard, One Direction’s On the Road Again Tour has ended.

The past five years has literally been a rollercoaster of emotions for both the fans and the boys themselves (Mr. X and Zayn Malik leaving :( ).

Through it all, millions of fans from around the world have stuck with the boys through thick and thin, staying “Up All Night” for a twitcam or new music to be released, countless announcements, grades dropping, darker bags under the eyes, and going to the bathroom during class just to snag some pre-sale tickets! For five years, the One Direction boys have snatched up our social lives, but along the way, they have managed to save countless lives. Not only have the boys saved many lives, they also created friendships all across the globe. People finally understood each other when others from school couldn’t.

When One Direction had formally announced their hiatus, the fandom was in utter shock. Yeah, we were expecting them to take a break, but we never thought it would actually happen. (But then again, we didn’t expect Zayn to leave One Direction either…)

But rest assured, the lads have promised their return and won’t be gone long. Plus, we have the fifth album getting ready to be released in November, which can be preordered here. And, if you live in the US, you can also listen to their album Made in the AM first (tickets can be purchased here)!

Even though the tour has ended, the lads still have shows scheduled, coming back to the US to perform at the Triple Ho Show in San Jose, CA and various Jingle Balls. Not to even mention the American Music Awards and Good Morning America!


From the boys on the stairs…

… to the top of the world

You will be forever remembered.

Until then, rest well. All the love.




Written by CelebMix