Entrepreneur Avi Koren’s Designs are Highly Sought after by Hollywood’s Finest

What is luxury? Why do people seek it? Is it just the glamour quotient, or is it something beyond? Something that’s more sublime than style, more graceful than glamour and is, in fact, more felt than seen? True luxury is not merely measured by money but by the quality of craftsmanship, the degree of patience, and the depth of diligence that has gone into bringing it to life. Perhaps this explains the luxurious cravings of some of the world’s most prosperous. And for Dubai-based entrepreneur Avi Koren, whose designs are highly sought after by Hollywood’s richest, a love for elegant luxury was born in early childhood.

Belgian-born Koren used to help out his parents in their jewelry store in Belgium. Young and primed with ample curiosity, Koren was quickly taken in by the ideals that made luxury stand out. He felt a natural affinity towards the principles of craftsmanship and used them in setting up his store, which is ‘expanding to more branches worldwide.’ Koren clearly has an eye for luxury, and his watches and statement jewelry pieces have helped him add high-profilers like Kourtney Kardashian and many more to his friend list. But what is that makes his designs tick?

Pure love

The good thing about pure love is you never run out of it. Like an eternal driving force, it keeps egging one forward. Some find this love in music, others in the literature; for Koren, this pure love lay in the manifold expressions of luxury. His Instagram handle, where over 500,000 people follow him, has him flaunt ‘the designs that are closest to my heart. And by that, I mean all of them.’ His fans gush over the connoisseur’s collection and feel a wee bit closer to owning a piece themselves.

Keep reinventing quality

 “Let the price live up to the product. True luxury begins where the money ends,” Koren is often heard saying. To keep reinventing is not an easy game to play. But when you have some of the best Hollywood actors, NBA players, and elite football players as your clients, reinvention ceases to be a choice and becomes a standard. Koren shares a cordial relationship with most of his clients. He says, “Buying a luxury piece is hard work. It requires time, and it’s then that my clients and I get acquainted with one another as individuals and test each other for honesty in the process.” By the end of the sale, he adds, “we part as friends.”

Exclusivity is the key

Koren is clear about selling “exclusive and different jewelry and watches.” His ornate pieces often combine aspects of jewelry with his watches. What you get is an exquisite marriage of eternal class and grace, created to stand out. 

Adding a bit of luxury to life is like getting a bite of the forbidden fruit. It carries a sense of uniqueness and exceptionality that’s hard to match. And with passionate experts like Koren, it’s safe to say that luxury is here to stay.

Written by CelebMix