Entrepreneurship is All About Risk-Taking; Elie Saba is A Living Proof

The courage to take risks and see beyond distinguishes a successful entrepreneur from an unsuccessful one. Entrepreneurship is, to some extent, an art of taking risks. There is no denying that not every risk is worth taking, and choosing the one to take is exactly what leads an entrepreneur toward success. There are countless examples of business owners who have proven time and time again that taking risks is one of the smartest approaches to success in the corporate world. These successful corporate personalities serve as inspiration for all those struggling to acquire a firm ground in the market. Among these ‘risk takers’ is Elie Saba. People know him as the man behind one of the world’s classiest clubs, WHITE Dubai. He not only made the club a favorite spot in Dubai’s nightlife but also was able to save it from closing down amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

With coronavirus spreading rapidly across the globe, all hot spots that once welcomed hordes of ‘party-goers’ were closing down. The changing entertainment dynamics were a threat to even the most well-reputed spot, WHITE Dubai. Fortunately, the man behind this club was not ready to let the place lose its charm this easily. Something had to be done, and he would not go down without a fight. Bringing in a unique concept, he turned WHITE, a hip nightclub, into a fine dining restaurant, Bazzar. Rooftop experience, exquisite view of Dubai’s skyline, elite food, and music, this fine dining restaurant remained a popular spot for the ‘elites’ even when all other nightclubs were closing down.

Originally, the idea of Bazzar was a nightclub at one of Beirut’s most famous clubs, but the strategies had to be altered to save AddMind’s most popular destination.

Elie Saba, while talking about the concept of his innovation, stated, “Bazaar initially started in Beirut in 2011 and was originally called Caprice. It was a themed night at the club, where we played English, Arabic, and French music from the 80s, as well as commercial and R&B. This is how it got its name, Bazaar. We went big with the production and the ideas, the colors, and the materials which made it so popular among guests in Beirut.”

Under Elie’s supervision, the team invested a significant amount of time in achieving that perfect look and creating that unique yet soul-soothing vibe. The decoration, lighting, and fabrics all came together to create a place offering an unforgettable experience for those looking for that top-notch dining experience. Bazzar was, indeed, a risk, turning and hip nightclub into a hub of fine diners, but Elie was willing to take that risk. The results were astounding.

The Story of a Risk-Taker

Elie Saba, born on February 15, 1987, in Beirut, Lebanon, is not just an entrepreneur but also an influencer. From being a bartender to managing multiple clubs and restaurants, his life is a source of inspiration for many people. He always had an interest in the entertainment sector, and it was triggered when he was promoted to the position of bar manager. Elie came into close contact with the entertainment team at the bar. This instilled a passion in him to build a career in a field he admired so deeply. His intelligence and capability to brew creative and innovative ideas turned him a sensation in the UAE’s nightlife scene. Thanks to his thirst for knowledge and passion, he has become a prominent figure in this industry, specifically in the Middle East.

He stepped into the professional sector at an early age. His first job was bartending at AddMind’s first outlet in Beirut, “House of Salad,” in 2003. The exposure he got while bartending was the beginning of his journey toward success. He traveled across the Middle East and attended several festivals to acquire knowledge and stay aligned with this industry’s latest trends. Three years later, WHITE Beirut opened its doors as the city’s first open rooftop nightclub. He started working for WHITE Dubai in 2013 and got promoted to the position of bar management, and worked dedicatedly, learning and growing. The club has its credit for hosting over 500 thousand to 600 thousand guests in a year while offering three full-service bars and many other services.

While working with AddMind, he gained experience, and traveling brought him the gift of knowledge. All that, combined with his education in business administration, has got him to the point where he stands today. Besides WHITE Dubai, he has several other AddMind Group venues in his portfolio, including Iris, CLAP, Sucre, BAR DU PORT, CAPRICE L.T.D, MAD, LA MEZCALERIA, Paradise Beach, White Beach, and WHITE.

Written by Digital Nod