EP REVIEW: Frank Iero and the Patience ‘Keep the Coffins Coming’

Frank Iero and the Patience have officially released their new EP Keep the Coffins Coming through BMG/Vagrant Records. While they have had different monikers for each of their albums, the EP marks the group’s third project together, after debut and sophomore albums Stomachaches and Parachutes.

The group first teased the project back in July, revealing that the four-track EP was recorded with the legendary Steve Albini, whom frontman Frank Iero calls his “hero.” When asked about the recording process, Iero described it as “awesome,” since he was able to cross working with Albini off his bucket list.

Coming at just twelve minutes, the EP leaves listeners craving for more music from the rock group. Longtime fans of Iero would quickly take pleasure in the EP’s familiar sound, which Iero describes as being the “missing link” between FIATP’s debut and sophomore albums.

While listening to the EP, fans may recognize the first track titled “I’m a Mess,” which is an alternate version of the song featured on Parachutes. The track is one that would definitely resonate with fans at a live concert, as it is fast-paced and includes angry vocals from Iero, singing honest lyrics about feelings of being depressed and unhappy with oneself. However, towards the end of the song, it seems the track actually celebrates one’s flaws, as the lyrics change from “Something’s wrong with me” to “Finally proud to live Inside my own skin.”

Fans also had the chance to listen to “BFF” in 2014, when Iero released a video for it featuring his two daughters. The chorus of the song was actually written by his daughter Lily, whom Iero says would sing it whenever she and her siblings would get into a fight, according to Upset Magazine. Now three years later, the song has been changed to include a full band. Unlike the first track, “BFF” has a more mellow sound. It also has simple lyrics telling of a fallen relationship.

While the third track, titled “No Fun Club,” is the shortest on the EP, it delivers as much emotion as the other three songs, with the band delivering an angry and loud performance, belting lyrics about wanting to be alone and being “no fun,” as the title suggests. It is another fast-paced track that fans would enjoy seeing live.

The final track is a cover of “You Are My Sunshine.” While casual listeners may be stunned to see the title on the EP, fans of the group would recognize it from past FIATP concerts. The song contrasts with the previous tracks on the album, as it contains slow vocals and guitars. While the song has been covered by many artists, FIATP puts their own punk twist on it that actually works well to complement the rest of the album.

As FIATP fans ourselves, we would definitely recommend this album to other fans, along with listeners of the punk/rock genre.

Keep the Coffins Coming is now available for purchase and streaming on iTunesSpotify, as well as other digital retailers. To find out more information about Frank Iero and the Patience, visit their official website by clicking HERE. You can also purchase tickets for their upcoming shows by clicking HERE.

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Written by Michele Mendez

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