EP Review: LANY ‘kinda’

‘kinda’ is the latest work from LANY (pronounced lay-nee), the three piece band based in LA consisting of Paul Klein, Jake Goss and Les Priest. ‘kinda’ embodies everything that is California, you can feel the drive down the high way with the windows down and the music up high.

“like you lots” is the opening track of ‘kinda’. This is a song that you can truly feel as you keep listening to the lyrics. It’s about a sudden romance, the honeymoon phase if you will, when you find someone that you just really like, a lot and want to spend every waking moment with them. “Windows down we can smell the ocean; its hard to see through our hair; when we’re together we look the coolest; baby you know they all stare”

“yea, babe, no way” is the second track and a complete turn from the start of the album. It’s filled with a feeling of reminiscing on a failed relationship and trying not to get in contact with the past lover. You miss them but you know you shouldn’t call them. “Hate how it feels; I know you’re down the street: With someone else but me; Time, yeah, I need time; Can’t forget about how you let me down”

“pink skies” showcases the part of a relationship where you just want the person you’re with to know that you love everything about them even if they don’t love it for themselves. “Shut up, I love you, you’re my best friend”

“current location” is the turning point in the album. The relationship that is the center of the album is facing issues. You don’t know whether to be happy for the person that you’re with because they’re getting more opportunities but needing to be where they are and vice versa. “Please don’t get me wrong now; I want what you want; But how long will you be gone?”

“quit” is the song about the end of a relationship that seems to never happen. There’s constant fights going on between the two and only one half of the partnership is fighting to resolve while the other is running away, quitting. “You’ve been hurt, but come on, nobody’s perfect; And I’m tired of hearing how they did you wrong; Cause I’m not them, you’re not with them, can we drop it?; How good would it be if you just move on?”

“WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS” is a song that revolves around friendship and the feelings that come along with not belonging, while the rest of the EP is surrounding a romantic relationship. There is a need for belonging and the friends around you are hanging out with one another without you. “Where the hell are my friends?; Out without me again; Friday, wine, and the internet; A life I wish I could forget”

As a whole, ‘kinda’ is an EP about relationships, romantic or platonic that go through a roller coaster of emotions. LANY is a band to keep an eye on, their lyrics are simple yet hit you everywhere in the right way, we like them a lot.

Stream ‘kinda’ in full via Spotify below, as well here on Apple Music.


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Written by CelebMix