EP Review: Mariam – ‘Heart To Heart’

We recently introduced you to singer-songwriter Mariam, and her debut single ‘Be There For Me’. It forms part of her debut EP Heart to Heart, which is due for release on November 4.

It is safe to say that Mariam has unveiled a stunning debut EP. Alongside insightful lyrics, memorable beats and powerful vocals, the singer-songwriter also delivers lashings of soul.

The EP opens with the upbeat ‘Be There For Me’, a track which was first released by Mariam a few weeks ago. It is laden with thought provoking lyrics, soulfully sang across a catchy beat, and acts as a perfect introduction to Mariam’s music.

‘What I Want’ acts as an interlude between tracks, and is a subtle demonstration of Mariam’s voice, over a strong beat. It leads into ‘Without You’, which is atmospheric soul at its best. This track is an emotional offering from Mariam, with truly poignant lyrics. The chorus will have your heart aching.

“I can’t do this without you, you’re where I belong, your heart is my home.”

‘Grow’ is another interlude, which starts with Mariam’s vocal and a few guitar chords. A really cool acoustic vibe soon kicks in, which shows another side to the singer-songwriter. The final EP track is ‘Running’, which is a ballad of epic proportions. Mariam’s voice is hauntingly beautiful during this song, and it becomes even more powerful as the track progresses. We love the build up near the middle, before the track is stripped back once again.

The EP certainly flows smoothly from one track to another, making it real easy listening material. However, it also packs a punch in terms of being lyrically powerful. There is a theme of heartache throughout and the singer-songwriter has truly succeeded in terms of telling her story. The tracks are raw and from the heart, which will surely resonate with listeners.

It’s hard to pick a favourite track, as each has its place in the story told and they all show a slightly different side to her music. However, we do have a soft spot for ‘Without You’.

Heart to Heart is available to download and stream from Friday.

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Written by Katrina Rees

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