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EP Review: Sean and Conor Price – ‘Dreamer’

Best known for appearing on ‘The X Factor’ back in 2017, Irish duo Sean and Conor Price have released their debut EP, titled ‘Dreamer,’ a collection of six original songs, showcasing their phenomenal talent.

From their first audition on the show, whereby they performed ‘Along The Watchtower,’ they impressed with their vocals, rapping and musical abilities. Their audition video has, to date, amassed over four million views.

As the competition progressed, they continued to impress the four Judges and the audience, with their stand-out performances, including ‘Issues’ and ‘Strong.’

Since coming off the show, the band have featured on ‘The X Factor Live Tour,’ performing at arenas around the UK and Ireland, released several singles and embarked on their headline tour around Ireland, along with several tour dates in the UK. The brotherly duo have recently announced a headline show in Dublin’s The Helix on 28 December 2018. Tickets to this show can be bought here.

CelebMix have reviewed the duo’s debut EP, which debuted in the Official Irish Album Charts at Number Eight – an exceptional achievement for the duo! Keep reading to check out our review of the EP.

‘Be Like You’ 

The EP opens with track ‘Be Like You,’ which was their debut single, released earlier this year. The track is a fantastic preview of their music sound portrayed through the record. ‘Be Like You’ is an upbeat and catchy track, with a message of encouraging listeners to be themselves. When speaking exclusively to CelebMix earlier this year, regarding the track, the duo said that ‘it is just great to know that you’re telling people to be themselves.’


This second track has a very soft tone, particularly at the beginning of the track. The lyrics in this track are clever and with an emphasis on a guitar sound throughout, ‘Obsession’ allows the duo to showcase their vocals, along with Sean’s rapping skills. The bridge section will inevitably have you singing along!


‘Quit’ has a very stripped-back nature throughout, with a particular focus on a piano sound and Conor’s phenomenal vocals. The lyrics speak about not giving up on something. When speaking to CelebMix about the single, the duo described the track as ‘a nice, slow song,’ with them wanting ‘to show that we’re musicians as well.’ Sean’s catchy rap near the end of the track truly gives it that further edge.

‘Get Lost’ 

This track, which was Sean and Conor’s second single, is definitely one of their fans’ favourite tracks and the atmosphere when they performed this on their recent headline tour was incredible, with the audience singing and dancing along! Right from the first beat of the track, it is an upbeat, infectiously catchy track, which we love. The chorus will inevitably have you singing along. You can watch the official music video for ‘Get Lost’ below:


‘Dreamer’ is another stripped-back track and more than anything, speaks about the obstacles the duo have had to overcome to get to the successful stage they are at now. This track also beautifully correlates their vocals together. No doubt the track is a reflection on the year the band have had – from coming off ‘The X Factor’ to their recent headline tour – and is an extremely nostalgic tribute, also highlighting the duo’s gratitude for the success they have achieved.


Redemption is the perfect track to round up their debut EP. The beat continues to build throughout the track, culminating in a guitar-focused sound in the chorus. With the boys’ voices working well together, this track once again shows off the two main talents which have gained them a large fan base – Sean’s fantastic rapping skills and Conor’s excellent track – and also showcasing their continued developing music sound.

Huge congratulations to Sean and Conor Price on the release of such a brilliant debut EP – here at CelebMix, we absolutely love the EP.

Sean and Conor’ Price’s debut EP ‘Dreamer’ can be bought on iTunes by clicking here. The EP can also be streamed on Spotify through the link below:

Additionally, the track is also available on other responsible music purchasing outlets.

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Written by Rachel Dempster