DISCOVER: Eric Saade’s Music Video For “Another Week” & Aevion Remix Release

It’s been weeks since this song dropped, and we have been waiting for a music video from Eric Saade. Soon enough, one dropped on Saturday, and we can’t stop watching. “Another Week” is his brand new song, that can only be described as non-stop catchy. Along with the music video, we received a brand new remix, this one by Aevion.

The original track was composed by Eric Saade, Andreas Moe, David Bjork, Michael Kintish, and Andrew Bullimore, whilst the music video was directed by LMDL and produced by House of Wizards. So far, we have two remixes of the track, one by Joakim Molitor, which we absolutely adore; and, the new one by Aevion.

Eric Saade is probably best known for representing Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 with the song “Popular”. He came third in the Grand Final, with 185 points. He has also competed in Melodifestivalen three times in 2010, 2011, and 2015 – obviously winning in 2011. He will also be a part of extremely popular Swedish show “Så mycket bättre”, this year, which will also include Icona Pop, Kikki Danielsson, Uno Svennigsson, Tomas Andersson Wij, Anders “Moneybrother” Wendin, and Sabina Ddumba. The show has been highly successful for acts such as Danny Saucedo, Agnes, and September.

Check Out Eric Saade’s Music Video To “Another Week” Here:

There are great transitions in this music video and we like the reference that people do act like children after a few drinks. We like how the same things happen in each of the party scenes, and they’ve definitely paired up the perfect children with the adults.

In the background of the video, is Eric Saade’s performance visual of the song, which is displayed on the TVs and intercut throughout the visual. There are scenes from the party, and scenes from the morning after the night before, all open to interpretation.

The song brings the summer vibes, which is exactly what the video shows all spun with a party setting. The “Another Week” remixes turn the anthem into a summer club tune that we can’t get enough of.

Compare The Original To The Remixes Of Eric Saade’s “Another Week” Here:

Joakim Molitor’s remix is very heavy compared to the original, filling the backing track with a lot more instruments, leading it right up to the massive drop. No wonder we love this club-worthy remix.

As for the Aevion remix, it feels much more relaxed and laid-back; it has a tropical house spin to the song that surprisingly works. This is such a summer-relaxer anthem and gives a whole new take to this song.

We love both remixes but which one do you prefer? Let us know on Twitter @CelebMix and don’t forget to tell us all your thoughts on Eric Saade’s music video for “Another Week“.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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