Promotional photo for "Won't Give Up" which sees Erin Hunt sitting on the floor against a patio window and a plant behind her, sitting against a wall, barefoot, wearing blue jeans and a white tee, holding her guitar up.

Erin Hunt releases her latest album “Brave New World” and delivers a dynamic closer anthem and music video titled “Won’t Give Up”

Making an epic impact with her music is Erin Hunt who has just dropped her incredible new sophomore album “Brave New World”, and if that wasn’t enough she has chosen the closer track as her official fourth single from the album, titled “Won’t Give Up”. The release of her sophomore studio album follows up the single “Dust Devil Man” which was the third single taken from the album.

Erin Hunt is a Toronto-based singer-songwriter who has continued to use her experience to create unforgettable music that takes inspiration from a variety of different genres. She was spotted at an open-mic night by producer, Tom McKay who is mostly known for being a part of Canadian rock band Joydrop. They soon started to work together, and this is where her 2011 debut studio album, “The Woman I Am”, came from, the title track, of which, has become her most-streamed track on Spotify, Fast forward 12 years and Erin Hunt is back releasing music, this time releasing singles before revealing her sophomore album, starting off with her official debut single “Brave New World”. She continues to show off her artistry with the follow-up releases “You” and “Dust Devil Man”, before releasing her sophomore album, “Brave New World”, where, over the course of 10 tracks, she brings versatility and soulful integrity, proving that she deserves to have a place in the music industry, and it’s now her time to shine.

“This was probably the most difficult song I’ve ever written,” says Erin Hunt of her latest single “Won’t Give Up”. “I was intent on writing it in a typical pop arrangement (which I usually don’t stray too far from) but the song just refused to go there. I kept trying to force it into being something it wasn’t and that’s why it took so long… Now I just shake my head at how stupid that would have been – it’s truly my favourite track on the album and my favourite song I’ve ever written.”

Watch the official music video to “Won’t Give Up” by Erin Hunt here:

Written by Erin Hunt, whilst it has been produced by Thomas McKay, “Won’t Give Up” acts as the final track on the album, and it brings an air of relaxation surrounded by a rhythmic beat and soulful passionate lyrics. With her vocals on point from start to finish, Erin Hunt brings it with undeniable emotion and sentimentality. This track clearly comes from the heart and every single listener can feel that. “Won’t Give Up” is probably the perfect closer for the album, allowing Erin Hunt to make a lasting impression with the track taking inspired creativity from classic indie-soul vibes with her alternative-pop vocals twisting beautifully around the music. As we near the end of the song, it all progresses into an incredible amalgamation of sound and energy unleashing into a powerful “I won’t give up” refrain that is set to stay with you for the rest of the day.

The music video for the song allows it to breathe and gives the viewer a different vivid experience as opposed to someone just streaming the song. Erin Hunt has compiled some great visual clips of the countryside and nature, adding depth and more relaxation to the viewer. We can’t deny that the ending scenes correlate stunningly with the progression of the track, giving gorgeous scenes that viewers are unlikely to forget as we hear the charged energy that the song has progressed into, making an even bigger impact on the viewer.

Stream the fourth single from the album here:

“Won’t Give Up”, by Erin Hunt, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms. It is the official fourth single and closer track of Erin Hunt’s sophomore album, “Brave New World”. The album is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms and effortlessly showcases Erin Hunt as an incredibly versatile artist who isn’t afraid to experiment whilst stunning us all with her beautiful voice and amazing songwriting ability.

Stream “Brave New World” by Erin Hunt on Spotify here:

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