Essay: How to write an essay?

The essay is a literary or literary-scientific form, combining journalistic, scientific and artistic elements. The literary presents the author’s point of view. The essay does not aim at a comprehensive approach to the problem; it presents the author’s opinion on a subject. Often, the final conclusions are left to the reader, who is to take his own position in a particular matter. The author of the essay is not bound by the requirements of form. He can use various elements (quotes, views, sentences, comments, and works of art) and present them according to his associations. Essay is very important in the academic world but sometimes you do not have enough time to write so you are advised to get help online, as provided by

The essay is characterized by care for the originality of the message, which is to stimulate the recipient to think. It is a free interpretation of a phenomenon by the author, exposing his point of view.

Analyze the subject thoroughly

Remember that by writing an essay you express your opinion on a given topic, but referring to other people’s views.

Do not leave the subject

Write the singular in the first person. Use the phrases: “In my opinion …”, “I think …”, “According to my opinion …”, they testify to the author’s humbleness of what is desirable. Do not imply that you are too confident about the topic discussed since it will make your essay like a propaganda poster. Remember that an essay aims to get the readers to think instead of forcing them to approve your ideas. Be careful in bringing your essence the way it should be.

Be original

Use less-known quotes, present your own point of view on a given topic. Remember that apart from the logic of the argument, the style of expression is also important. The use of other people’s writing styles is simply lowering the quality of your essay. Keep it in your writing style and “be yourself” should also be applied when you write a paper.


The essay, like other literary forms, consists of three parts:

Introduction – introduction of the reader in the subject, information about the author’s view. This is the foundation of each essay, explaining the reasons or considerations the author took before choosing the essay.

Developing – considering the author on a given topic, using references to various works, quotes, etc. Finding as many sources as possible is the main task that every essay writer has to accomplish. A quality essay should provide insights into a theme / writing. Lack of related information will make readers wonder about the quality of the essay they read. Do not let that happen or you will regret it.

Conclusion – summary of the main thesis essays, conclusions, emphasizing your own position in a given case

Essays should be written in the aforesaid format. The neglect of the writing format is to make the essay look inferior and look like random papers. Essays are voicing the opinions of the author but without a firm and clear arrangement everything that is delivered will not arrive at the intended target.

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