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Euphoria! Loreen Returns With Stunning, Atmospheric New Track “Walk With Me”

The Queen of Eurovision has risen! Two years after her last release, Swedish singer-songwriter Loreen is back with a brand new track.

Two years have passed since Loreen – who rose to fame with her winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012- released her last record. The LP “Ride” thrilled critics and fans alike and left us desperately wishing for more new music.

Yesterday, she unveiled a big surprise to her fans which came in form of a brand new track. The song is titled “Walk With Me”  and serves as the campaign song for the singer’s collaboration with the Swedish fashion brand Ellos.

Taking to her Instagram page, Loreen revealed that she is “so very proud to announce my collaboration with Ellos – Made by Women. It’s been a very powerful experience to work with such fierce full female creators and support and present their collection and stand point.” The song itself is a reinterpretation of the song under the same name by Julia Jones. “This is a version that sheds light on diversity, the importance of empathy and our common ground – creativity and music”, the artist further commented on her socials.

While the original release was very folk-sy in its production, Loreen completely reworked the song in her favor. No wonder, as she also executive produced her version.

Loreen’s version of “Walk With Me” is a slow-burner, that is for sure. The singer takes her time to completely draw the listener in with her voice and the sublime production. It all starts off with only the singer and a piano. One by one, she is adding instruments and more production elements into the mix. She slowly and continuously builds up the suspense until right in the middle, at around the 3 minute mark, she lets loose and unleashes the atmospheric musical climax onto us that continues until the end.

“Walk With Me” is dark and it is moody. It wraps you up and pulls you in and leaves you with goosebumps all over your body. If you want to imagine the song, think maybe of a darker and more complex version of “Do We Even Matter ” or “Sidewalk” mixed with the thrilling production of “Ride”. It is just that good.

Listen to the track right here:

Also be sure to watch the music video right here:

According to a blog post by Scandipop, more new music will follow next year. We sure are ready for it.

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