EUROVISION 2018: Croatia’s Representative Franka and Her Entry, ‘Crazy’


Croatia have just recently announced their representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 and it is none other than Franka!

With representatives for Eurovision coming in thick and fast, it was about time Croatia announced theirs, and we can’t wait to see what Franka will bring to the contest.

Who is Franka?

Franka is a singer-songwriter from Rijeka, Croatia who rose to fame after winning the first season of the Croatian TV talent show, ‘Showtime’. The TV talent show is Croatia’s equivalent to American Idol, so you can imagine how much of a big deal this is to Croatia and Eurovision!


As a part of winning ‘Showtime’ in 2007, Franka signed to major Croatian record label, ‘Hit Records’ and started working on material to follow up from her winning single. In May 2008, the follow-up single, ‘Ruža u kamenu’ (‘Rose In Stone’) was released. She would then go on to perform the single at the 12th Croatian Radio Festival where she won a public award in the Pop/Punk category.

After much anticipation, Franka released her self-titled debut album in December 2009 and a sophomore album titled, ‘Featuring’ in March 2012. She then went on hiatus as she felt that she wasn’t where she wanted to be in terms of her music.

Since her hiatus, Franka returned to the spotlight in December 2017, releasing her comeback single, ‘S tobom’. The single charted all the way to number three in Croatia, making it her most successful single to date. Due to the recent success, the singer-songwriter has now been asked to represent Croatia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.


Has Franka participated in Eurovision before?

In terms of representing Croatia, no. Franka, has however, competed in the 2008 OGAE Song Contest, an audio event organised by a network of 42 Eurovision fan clubs, which she went on to win. A year later, she recorded the single, ‘Pjesma za kraj’ (‘Song For The End’) which was was a part of Croatia’s selection for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, however she only finished in 7th place.

The future looks bright for Franka as she is slowly becoming a well-known name in her home country and is now officially the Croatian representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Her entry, ‘Crazy’ will be released on 26th February, which we will be highly anticipating. For now, you can get to know more about Franka in this official Eurovision video below:


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