Eurovision Asia Song Contest is finally happening

The Eurovision Song Contest holds huge significance for artists around the world. It’s been more than a decade since the Contest started.

Through this contest, viewers around the world get a chance to explore artists and music beyond their own region and mother tongue. But till now, only around 50-52 countries had been able to take part in this magnanimous event. This year, 43 countries participated in the competition.

Countries like Japan, China and others still lacked visibility. But no more.

Website and Promo Video Released

The Eurovision Asia Song Contest is finally happening. The official website and promo video has already been released. The target audience seems to be the Asia Pacific region.

The promo video has all the energy that is required to create an excitement and interest in the minds of viewers. The magnanimity of the event is made evident from the video itself. Check it out below:

As per the statement released on the website,

“We are taking the biggest live televised music show – Eurovision – to the biggest music audience in the world. Countries from the Asia-Pacific region will be able to compete in their own version of the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time.”

“Each country will showcase their songwriting and performing talent to Asia and the world and compete to be crowned the winner of the first ever Eurovision Asia Song Contest.”

Details Still In Wraps

While the list of countries has not yet been revealed, it has been stated that up to 20 countries will be made to compete in the grand finale.

The spin off is being organised by Australia’s Blink TV. The contest is set to begin in the year 2018 but fans will have to wait a bit before complete details are revealed.

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