Promotional photo for Eurovision Song T-Shirts which sees Menno wearing an off-white t-shirt with an art image of Netta embossed on it, in an animation character style. He's on a balcony with a skyline behind him.

Eurovision fan turns his love of the contest into a fully-fledged business known as Song T-Shirts

Eurovision 2023 is just around the corner and one superfan has taken his passion for the contest to new heights; Menno Deen, a Eurovision addict, has turned his husband’s birthday gift into an exciting online business selling t-shirts inspired by the iconic songs of the Eurovision Song Contest. Yes, you can get your very own Eurovision-inspired t-shirt, including Netta, Loreen, The Common Linnets, Duncan Laurence, Måns Zelmerlöw, Abba, Måneskin, Conchita Wurst, and many more.

It all started on a trip to Turin during the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. To celebrate his husband’s birthday, Menno Deen designed seven shirts based on his husband’s favourite songs, one for each day of the competition because, as we know, Eurovision is a full week-long event due to rehearsals, jury dress rehearsals, Eurovision-themed events, the Semi-Finals, and the Grand Final. To his surprise, wearing the shirts at Eurovision caught the eye of many fans and he was inundated with requests on where to buy them.

“I remember people walking up to me, asking me where they could buy my shirt,” Menno Deen tells us. ‘I did not think of selling them at first. So the next morning I immediately built an online web store. Two days later, I got so much traction that I decided to turn my husband’s birthday gift into a ‘business’.”

The shirts are designed in a way that only other Eurovision fans will recognize them, with a focus on the songs and not the text itself, something the creator wants to stay away from to keep it uniquely for Eurovision fans. Menno Deen wants people to wear the shirts casually because they like the print.

He got into Eurovision through his husband, who is a lifelong fan. He explained: “In 2014, I visited Toronto for a conference. The Danish consulate hosted a Eurovision party. They showed the finals in a room packed with all Europeans. I fell in love immediately, and I haven’t missed a show ever since!”

His plan is to design one T-shirt for every new song in 2023, with 37 entries in total, with many still to be announced, he’s bound to be busy during February. For now, Menno Deen designs ‘golden oldies’ and with 45 shirts and counting. The online store,, offers something for every Eurovision fan around the globe. And if there’s a song missing, Menno Deen invites customers to send him a message and he’ll make it for them.

Show your love for the contest with a unique and stylish T-shirt, designed by a fellow fan. Visit to check out the collection.

Let us know what you make of these fan-made Eurovision t-shirts which Menno Deen came up with over on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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