Even While on Hiatus, One Direction are the Top Profiting Males so far in 2016

The boys of One Direction have still been receiving nominations, awards, and recognitions while being on a hiatus in 2016. From The Brits in early 2016 to the upcoming Kid’s Choice Awards and many others in between – the lads have been taking home not only the respect of their colleagues but their dedicated fans who support them through everything.

In addition to taking home awards and recognitions while on break – the boys have also been named the top profiting males so far in the year 2016 – and they’ve technically been on hiatus since December of 2015!  This means Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne have higher earnings than any active male celebrity – that’s quite an honor.

During their hiatus so far; the boys have been keeping pretty busy but it’s not as hectic without the grueling schedule they’d grown accustomed to over the last almost six years.  Harry is currently filming for his breakout movie role in Dunkirk and writing when he can, Liam has spent some time in the studio – some of it was with some big names in rap music, Louis has been helping scout new music, working with a girl band, and writing as well, and Niall has been working closely with golf management and also staying close to his passion by spending time in the studio as well!

When four young men are as passionate about music as the lads of One Direction are, it’s no surprise that even during their time off – they’re unable to stay away from the art.

They’ve also had time to spend with their friends and families, to travel and enjoy the scenery for more than 12 hours at a time, and to just relax all day without having to set an alarm (or five) so that they wake up on time in the morning.

Fans are definitely missing One Direction but the relationships formed between the boys and their fans, as well as stats like this one, only go to show how much of an impact Niall, Liam, Harry, and Louis have made on music and how loyal and dedicated their supporters are even during their break as they anxiously await their return.

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Written by Ashley

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