Everything You Need To Know About Season 3 Of The Flash

The cast and crew of The Flash season 3 attended the San Diego Comic Con and shared a few interesting details about the upcoming season. We were introduced to a new character who will be played by the one and only Tom Felton. We were also told how the Flashpoint timeline has side effects and the relationships between everybody have changed drastically due to Barry’s selfishness.

Joe West is unhappy

We learnt that our favourite daddy of the show will be extremely sad due to himself and Iris not getting along at home. Although Barry and Joe will no longer have that son/father relationship, Barry will be the reason that Joe manages to stay motivated for the CSI.

“Things at home aren’t going well. He’s having a particular issue with Iris that doesn’t seem solvable. So Joe get’s depressed about it. It starts to affect his work and his life. Barry is the one that makes sure that still has a job because things get so dire.”

Barry will still be a Forensic Scientist

As the previous point said, Barry will keep Joe hard at work which means that Barry’s job as a Forensic Scientist is still on going. He will just now be an acquaintance to Joe and nothing more.

Cisco becomes an ostentatious billionaire

If you’ve seen the trailer for season 3, you will be aware that Cisco has an entirely new life set out for him. He will be running what used to be S.T.A.R Labs as Ramon Industries. Although his main speciality now will be making money, Carlos Valdes has said that the core of Cisco is still there, he’s still an engineer at heart and he’s still fascinated with the way the world works.

There will be 2 villains this season

“We’re doing two big bags, one is a speedster that we’ll reveal later and the creepy guy in the mask that we saw, is Doctor Alchemy (voiced by Tobin Bell).” – Todd Helbing.

Tom Felton will be playing Julian Dorn, a fellow CSI who is suspicious of Barry

“I think any character I play you should see as a threat. The first two episodes, there’s definitely some friction between Barry and Julian; he treads on the toes of Barry’s expertise. There’s some feathers ruffled fairly early on.” – Tom Felton.

Wally West is Kid Flash 

As Barry is no longer living his life as The Flash, Wally West will now be Central City’s new hero as Kid Flash. “I tried to play him with a young, light hearted cockiness to him that can sometimes be his downfall, but he’s just in a really good place mentally; he’s never felt so sure of himself.” – Keiynan Lonsdale.

It will affect the crossovers with Arrow

It will definitely affect the crossover with Arrow, however, David Ramsey has said that it will affect John Diggle and Oliver McQueen the most. Barry’s decision has the potential to change everything that has happened in the Arrow from when Barry dropped by in season 2.

Felicity will be making an appearance 

It is unaware on how Felicity finds out about this whole change of universes and what exactly she will be doing in Central City, however, Grant Gustin teased on the panel that she will be coming back to give advice to Barry.

Barry is still a speedster

Tom Helbing did reveal on the panel that this new universe will not change the fact that Barry is a speedster. We’re looking forward to seeing if Barry has any interest in using his speed now his parents are with him or if he’s leaving it all completely to Kid Flash. We’re sure the red suit will come out at some point due to the new world becoming a complete disaster!

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