Everything you need to know about rapper Prime Minister

There is so much history when it comes to California rapper, Prime Minister. So much that it is difficult to decide where to begin. His track record and catalog is extensive. He has at least 8 albums on Spotify and iTunes.  Prime’s legacy dates back to when he was rapping with the infamous Bay area rap group called RBL Posse.

“Rapping with RBL Posse was both fun and exciting,” says Prime. “I learned a lot about running a record label, merchandise and setting up tours. Ya know, things of that nature”. RBL Posse which stands for ruthless by law is the biggest hip hop group to come out of San Francisco so far. They’re widely known for their classic hits Bounce to this, Blue Bird and No Bammer. (In 2020 Wiz Khalifa remade RBL Posse’s “No Bammer” remixed by DJ Mustard.) Prime begin his collaborations with RBL by featuring on one of the group members solo album. Hitman’s “H20”.

Since then he went from eventually starting his own record label to getting a distribution deal with Bayside Distribution back in 2002. From then to now Prime has been making waves in the game ever since. He has been on both the artist and business side of the industry gaining momentum with his solo debut back in 2002 called, “No Compromise,” which was presented by RBL Posse. If you let Prime tell the story though he would say, “all that is great history and all but that was a very long time ago and all that old stuff doesn’t really matter anymore. It’s a new time now. You gotta keep representing in this game or you’re going to fall off. It’s really that simple. You gotta keep recreating yourself if you wanna stay relevant in this game. Longevity is key.”

Prime also said that he feels like his early rap years was a lifetime ago and although it is essential to look back and learn from your mistakes you shouldn’t really dwell on the past. “The past was a learning experience,” says Prime. “You live and learn”.

So let’s fast forward to 2021 and you can almost immediately see how Prime has matured and grown in more ways than one. He is definitely on boss status running multiple businesses and making decisions that affect people’s lives on a day to day basis. He is currently working with some of the top artists in the game such as Youngboy Never Broke Again and OG 3Three. He has given artist opportunities that changed their lives. “I keep saying that life is what you make it because I really believe that. It’s like I could put the ball in your court but it’s up to you to do the dribbling and not fumble. Either way, I really enjoy helping people and being a servant to the ones who need me. For example, I write my own movie scripts with certain actors in mind for particular roles. It doesn’t matter if they have a ton of experience or never acted before. I’ll still give them a shot if they’re hungry enough.”

Another example of putting people in position involves Prime’s concert promotion company called Fireball Entertainment. Fireball threw a huge event and was responsible for hiring one hundred security guards. This was for the Soul Food festival at Gibson Ranch in Sacramento, California back in 2016. “Thats a lot of jobs we provided,” says Prime. “Concert promoting is a big business and takes a strong team to tackle the obstacles  that you have to get over in order to have a successful event.” 

Prime is a man that wears many hats while navigating in the entertainment industry. Whatever the role it takes to be successful he is willing to play. “I just wanna see my team win and keep climbing to newer heights. I really believe that life is what you make it.”

Written by CelebMix