Why We’re Excited for Good Charlotte

If you’re a pop punk music fan, you must already know about the return of Good Charlotte. Yes, one of our favorite bands is officially back and releasing music. Their single “Makeshift Love” immediately soared to the top of the iTunes charts and we think it will stay there. Here’s a guide to why you should be excited for the return of these pop-punk kings:

1) They completely dominated the 00’s. From their self titled debut in 2000 to their most recent full length in 2010, Good Charlotte have dropped bomb hits. Who can forget when we learned “I Don’t Wanna Be In Love” or when we made “The Anthem” our actual life motto? Were you really a 90’s kid if you didn’t freak out over Joel Madden dating our beloved Hilary Duff? Or when Benji had the neon pink cheetah hair?

2) While we’re talking music, the last album “Cardiology” is never appreciated enough. It takes a special kind of “punk” labeled band to get its music on mainstream radio, but I remember “Like It’s Her Birthday” blasting from my car radio when it was released. Also, “Last Night” and “Sex on the Radio.” JAMS.

3) The Madden brothers are back where they belong. While we waited in constant anticipation for the day Good Charlotte announced their return, we listened to the Madden Brothers. But something about Benji and Joel away from the rest of the boys brought a single tear. Even though single “We Are Done” was a hit.

4) They’ve done some growing. 5 years of it actually. While we did not entirely lose our glimpses into the lives of Good Charlotte, mainly from Benji and Joel with their work in the Madden Brothers as well as writing for our favorites 5 Seconds of Summer and All Time Low, it hasn’t been the same. There’s nothing like the hand banging brilliance that Good Charlotte brings when performing as a unit. For the lucky fans in the LA area, Good Charlotte will be performing their first gig since 2011 at the Troubadour on November 19th.

5) The lyrics. They teased the lyric video then dropped the single barely 48 hours later, and we’re already preparing our tattoos. The relatable lead line in the chorus “I’m dying tonight, and the whole world is laughing” rings true for anyone who has ever felt isolated and ridiculed. Good Charlotte doesn’t leave you wallowing in your sadness though, they pick you and up and let your anger at the ignorants charge you forward with a vengeance.

Let’s just be real, the world is ready for Good Charlotte. You can get the new single on iTunes now.

Written by CelebMix