Exciting Stories Of Celebrities Gambling

It probably really is no coincidence that Las Vegas is located only 277 miles from Hollywood. When one tends to think of Las Vegas they usually think about celebrities and stars. There is no mistaking that there have been numerous reports of celebrities partaking in gambling adventures. With Vegas being just a short 277 miles from Hollywood stars can easily jump on their personal jets and arrive on the strip in a matter of hours. With more and more states legalizing gambling such celebrities now have a number of gambling establishments available to them, but it seems like they usually prefer the Vegas backdrop and who could blame them? However, when it comes to gambling and stars sometimes things can get a little heated or out of control. Just listen to these following stories.

Counting Cards With Ben Affleck

There is no denying that Ben Affleck is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. His career has been going up ever since he arrived on the scene and with movie, after movie, it doesn’t look like it is slowing down any time soon. However, you might be surprised that Mr. Affleck actually learned to count cards. On one such night, he used his skills to bring down the house at the Hard Rock in Vegas. Unfortunately, for Ben things ended the way they usually end when it comes to counting cards. He was tapped on the shoulder by security and told that he just seemed too good at the game. Well, the house might have caught on a little too late as Affleck had already cleared them out for $145,000. Being that he didn’t even need the money he donated it to the casino employees. That’s a pretty stand up in anyone’s book.

Bruce Willis Making Money

Ben Affleck might not be welcome in most casinos for his uncanny abilities, but most casinos are more than happy to welcome in Bruce Willis. And, this is because he has been known to get down as much as $100,000 at a time. There was one night when the Palms craps table snagged $500,000 from the star. He also made an appearance at the Mayweather vs McGregor fight, but there is only speculation as to how much he won or lost. That being said things weren’t always so bad for Mr. Willis. In fact, before he became a huge star he was in a little band that gigged at Route 66 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After his gig, he bought in at a table for $5,000. It was a craps table nonetheless. However, this night he ended up walking away $25,000 in the good.

Big Laugh With Drew Carey And Sam Simon

Drew Carey is known for his larger than life TV personality and Sam Simon is known for creating one of the most iconic cartoons of all time, The Simpsons. However, the two are also known to do a little social gambling. That’s right it’s not enough for them to lose money alone, but they like to lose money together. It was once stated that the two were hanging out in Las Vega and having lunch at Mandalay Bay while they were betting $1,000 a hand before their meals arrived. What a way to kill time before a meal. At the end of the day, it was said that the dynamic duo managed to drop $200,000 between the both of them. Carey isn’t one that is shy about dropping money on gambling. It has been reported that he plays blackjack for $500 a hand on some occasions. With sites like poker online maybe he’ll take his hobby online.

Hooked With Charlie Sheen

There is no mistaking that Charlie Sheen is a hardcore gambler. This isn’t anything new and it’s been in the headline for years. During his divorce with Denise Richards, it was stated by several sources that he would drop as much a $200,000 a week. However, what’s even more amusing is that during the birth of their child he placed a call to his bookie and made a huge bet on a sporting event. It has been reported that in the latest years Sheen has given up gambling, which is probably a good thing for him since he seems to lose copious amounts of money.

Written by CelebMix