Exclusive Album Premiere: Amy Owens releases her project album “HAETHOR”

In collaboration with producer and composer Howard Wulkan of Farmadelica Sounds, Amy Owens is releasing her project album “HAETHOR”. The album is being revealed in an exclusive album premiere with CelebMix.

Owens hails from a classical background and with a stronghold as well as a presence in the classical music industry, the singer has won several accolades and prestigious stage performances across the globe.

Her career has skyrocketed since, performing across the country on stages such as Wolf Trap to Carnegie Hall, with renowned orchestras across the United States, including the National Symphony Orchestra, Utah Symphony, Reno Philharmonic, Omaha Symphony, Virginia Symphony, Buffalo Philharmonic, and New Mexico Philharmonic.

Amy Owens’ new album comprises of eleven tracks including Stardust, The Hook, Discreet, Beautiful, Centauri (Ft. Charles Yang), Great Paradox, Smoke and Mirrors (Ft. Aaron Evans), Magic Magic, Forget Everything, Gone, and Opus I. The album includes a blend of different genres, from pop to jazz, all guided by the artist’s crystal clear vocals. For Owens, this album allows her to step away from standard repertoire and explore how music inspires itself, as seen with the first single.

The first music video for the album was released on 29th January on “Broadway World”. The music video for the single “Discreet” gave a glimpse towards the bigger goal Owens is trying to achieve with this project – bringing together classical and modern to make the former digestible to the audience and to help them appreciate the beauty of genres by blurring the lines through this confluence.

The powerful music video also showcased singer’s performative skills as she danced around the town contemplating on shattering the image she has been cherishing.

The second music video for the single “Centauri” will be released today. Released in collaboration with the award-winning violinist Charles Yang, Centauri evades words to show the magic sonically powered song holds. Yang too has been known to use his violin skills in a variety of ways to help his audience appreciate the art by blending it into the music they prefer.

Each song of the album provides a different sonic narrative. The shrill in Amy’s voice transitions from revolutionary echoes in “Stardust” to the appreciative lore in “Beautiful”. There is a variety in terms of music and stories and the album will surely have something for people with different moods and musical tastes.

We definitely recommend checking “HAETHOR” out. Share your thoughts about the project album via Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Ayushi

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