Exclusive: Alexi Blue chats about her new single

Alexi Blue has a new single out “I Don’t Wanna Wait” and we’re kinda obsessed with it. We got to chatting with Ms. Alexi Blue herself all about it!

Tell us all about your latest single!
I have 5 original singles out right now… my latest single is called “I Don`t Wanna Wait”. I just released it a few days ago and the feedback from my fans has been insane! Im so grateful. I wrote this song about that moment when you make that instinct connection with someone, and even though that person is walking around blindly with no idea of who you are, you instantly can see the future with that person in it and feel that connection is real and right. I also wrote it as a metaphor that represents having faith and determination to create your own destiny even though your uncertain of what the future holds. Its available on iTunes and Spotify and the music video dropped on youtube!


Should we be expecting an album soon?
The music industry is currently a singles-driven business. What Im really focused on right now is releasing great original songs that represent me and my artistry, but I 100% want to release an EP or an album in my future… I know thats something thats gonna come in time for sure.

Exclusive: Alexi Blue chats about her new single 8

You have over 1 MILLION likes on Facebook. What is that even like?
Its crazy!! I honestly can’t even tell you how that happened haha. I feel really blessed. My Facebook fans are so dedicated and interactive, and its such a cool platform to share my music on. I remember the exact day I hit 3,000 likes and was freaking out, so I’m sure you can imagine how I felt when I hit 1 million! It was a milestone for sure.

What do you want people who listen to your music to come away with?
Super good question… I love writing catchy hooks. When you listen to my music, I want those hooks to be stuck in your head. Im also all about letting my fans know that they have worth and value and being “you” is enough. Im big on lyrics so when you hear my lyrics, I hope you hear my stories

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Explain why you call your fans “blue stars”.
ah I love this question! Well obviously my last name is blue,so thats where the blue part came from….and “stars” because to be a star you must “shine your own light, follow your own path, and don’t worry about the darkness for that is when the stars shine brightest”. You`ll notice that in every video of mine or whenever I perform live, I wear a blue star symbol next to my eye… I do this to represent all of my Blue Stars. I want them to know how much I love and appreciate them and their constant support and motivation.

Ok we’re just gonna put it out there, you’re hair is amazing! Would you consider dying it a different color?
Thank you so much!! Its my signature look right now, but in the future I’m sure ill play around with tons of different styles and colors. Ive always wanted to try and dye it one solid color like pastel purple or light pink, so who knows! I love trying out fun and fresh things with it.

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You’re an LA native! What is your favorite and least favorite aspects of the city?
Yesss I am! Im LA born and raised. My least favorite thing would be the traffic for sure. It can get pretty crazy. Ive been stuck in traffic at 12am in LA haha. My favorite would be that we seriously have it all here! Live music, shopping, amazing restaurants, everything….. Im a big foodie so I love trying out tons of different restaurants all around LA.

Exclusive: Alexi Blue chats about her new single 9

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