Exclusive: Almost Anything cast plays Never Have I Ever

Almost Anything is an upcoming movie that we can’t wait to see. Just watching the trailer got us hyped! We got the chance to chat with cast members Max Topplin, Martha MacIsaac and Jordan Hayes and had to have a bit of fun!

Tell us about each of your characters.
Jordan Hayes: I play Chris, she’s the shit disturber of the group. She’s a ticking time bomb. She wears a veneer of being the tough girl who doesn’t give a shit, but underneath she’s terribly alone and sad. Over the course of the film the veneer cracks, and we get to see a softer side to Chris.

Martha MacIsaac: I played Greta. The only married one of the group. Struggling with the realities of marriage and infidelity. She and her husband Will are forced to face their demons on the weekend getaway with there old friends.

Max Topplin: I play Jay. He’s the odd man out. Single. Frustrated. Ready to mingle if given the opportunity. You’re gonna have to watch the film to see if he gets any.

Shooting only lasted merely 10 days! What was that like?
Jordan Hayes: That’s what indie filmmaking is… It was a grind to get it all done in such a short period of time. But we all worked on the script together, so we knew our characters and our story lines pretty seamlessly. Because of that, we had our performances dialled in, so on the day we were really confident. We really didn’t have any time to waste, so we made every minute count.

Martha MacIsaac: Insane! It was unlike anything I’ve ever been a part of. We all wore many hats while shooting so we were constantly on the go.

Max Topplin: It was an incredible experience. We all lived in the same house while we shot. It also happened to be the house we shot the film in. Constantly rotating bedrooms with our hair/makeup/wardrobe depending on where in the house we were shooting that day. 3 bathrooms…. we really got to know each other. Haha, I believe it helped make the relationships on screen real and authentic.

Do you each have a favorite scene in the film?
Jordan Hayes: The dinner scene is my favourite. Each time we shot it we played out the entire scene. It felt so natural and real. It felt like theatre.

Martha MacIsaac: I loved shooting the dinner scene. It was around 15 pages and we did long extended takes every time. It felt almost like doing a play. We all got to play off each and really got into a rhythm.

Max Topplin: I personally love the scene where Jay and Chris kiss for the first time. Chris was played by one of my dearest friends in the world (Jordan Hayes). We didn’t rehearse the kiss. It was the most awkward kiss of my life but hilarious to watch in the film. Enjoy.

The movie has some pretty crazy parts. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done as an actor?
Jordan Hayes: I gotta say, the funnest scene was the kitchen scene where we’re all in our underwear. Our director, Torre Catalano even dropped down to his undies while he directed it.

Martha MacIsaac: I shot a western called The Pinkertons and got pretty proficient in riding a horse while shooting a gun and wearing a corset.

Max Topplin: This film is pretty crazy. Takes the audience on quite the emotional journey. As an actor it was pretty draining, yet very fulfilling. I got thrown off a 3 story ferry in the middle of a freezing lake for a film once. Also shot a new series called Insomnia Moscow, Russia… that was pretty crazy too.

Ok, we’re going to play a game of “Never Have I Ever”.
Martha MacIsaac: I don’t think I’ve ever played this. Here we go I guess.

Never have I ever, kissed someone on a first date
Jordan Hayes: Almost Always
Martha MacIsaac: Isn’t that what first dates are for?
Max Topplin: I believe that would be a yes.

Never have I ever, walked out of a movie because it was bad
Jordan Hayes: Only twice.
Martha MacIsaac: Nope. I’ve watched a lot of bad movies.
Max Topplin: No, just took the time to nap instead.

Never have I ever, forgot my lines during a live production
Jordan Hayes: Probably.
Martha MacIsaac: Not yet.
Max Topplin: Of course!!! All the time. Sometimes that leads to great improv. Sometimes it leads to getting a stern talking to off set haha.

Never have I ever, had a paranormal experience
Jordan Hayes: Never
Martha MacIsaac: I’m actually an alien.
Max Topplin: When I was a kid I was in a show called Ghost Trackers on HBO Family, saw some weird stuff. But also think I may have just been ‘acting’… still don’t know.

Never have I ever, accidentally said “I love you” to someone
Jordan Hayes: Never
Max Topplin: I think I said it back to a hairdresser once when she said it to me. Didn’t know what else to say since it was the first time I got my haircut there. Never went back… mostly because it was a bad cut.

Never have I ever, googled myself
Jordan Hayes: Guilty
Martha MacIsaac: Yes. Yes I have. That’s embarrassing.
Max Topplin: Oh please. Of course I have.

Never have I ever, gotten a tattoo I regret
Jordan Hayes: Never, I love all my tattoos
Martha MacIsaac: I’m tattoo free!
Max Topplin: Only have one. Means a lot to me. I love it.

Never have I ever, been naked in public
Jordan Hayes: Absolutely, my mother told me as a toddler I would consistently take my clothes off in the grocery store.
Martha MacIsaac: I try not to be.
Max Topplin: Way too many times to count.

Never have I ever, been in love with someone else’s girlfriend/boyfriend
Jordan Hayes: Never
Martha MacIsaac: I plead the 5th. That’s a thing, right?
Max Topplin: I don’t believe so.

Never have I ever, lied about my age
Jordan Hayes: I had a fake ID at 14 years old.
Martha MacIsaac: I’m actually 62.
Max Topplin: Never really been my thing. But maybe to get a student discount every now and then.

Almost Anything comes out November 8th. Make sure you see it and let us know your review @CelebMix.

Written by CelebMix