EXCLUSIVE: Aston Merrygold Talks ‘Get Stupid’, Solo Career, and More

Aston Merrygold is best known for being part of the chart sensations JLS, but since launching his solo career back in 2015 with debut single ‘Get Stupid‘ he has been slowly but surely carving out a successful career for himself.

The track was a Top 40 hit when it was first released, and now three years later it has found a new lease of life thanks to being featured on the new Samsung mobile advert.

Here we speak exclusively to Aston Merrygold to talk about the last 12 months, his solo career, becoming a dad, and much, much more;

Your solo career has really taken off over the past 12 months, how excited are you by the response?

The last 12 months have been overwhelming. So much has happened, both career wise and in my personal life. Having ‘Get Stupid’ in the Samsung sync was such a blessing, and seeing it chart in 40 countries now off the back of that has been amazing. I’ve got to tour the UK, it’s my last show tonight, I took part on the UK’s Dancing With The Stars, I’ve got another tour coming up which is going to be part of a show ‘Rip It Up’ and l’m making new music. I just can’t wait to continue this journey.  

Like you say the track has gone viral since being used in the mobile phone commercial, how did the advert come about? 

‘Get Stupid’ is a song l have always believed in. Samsung heard the song and they’d been toying with a few different tracks, but when they heard ‘Get Stupid’ they instantly decided they wanted to use it so they built the advert around it. l wasn’t sure whether the song would be a tiny snippet or barely something you could even hear, you never quite know with these things until they’re actually out there .. so the face that the song basically is the advert was incredible.  


JLS fans make up the core of your solo fan base but you’ve also gained a whole new demographic, how does that make you feel?

Yes, I’ve seen my fans grow and that’s the best feeling, l’m so grateful. The JLS fans have also been so incredibly supportive. I just want to be able to continue sharing my music, my dance, my love of performing with more people all over the world.  

Has being a new dad changed your musical inspirations in any way?

Being a dad changes you in so many ways, l think really it’s made me more vulnerable and given me more to talk about. Suddenly there’s a love you’ve never felt, a need to protect, provide – you’re responsible for this little person’s life and so that is automatically reflected in the music I’ve written since then. I’m pretty sure soon l’ll be inspired by nursery rhymes too! Watch out for Peppa Pig references in the music to come! 

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You’re releasing a new video for ‘Get Stupid’ soon, what can we expect from that?

l wanted to create a new piece of content that reflects me, now, 3 years on. l wanted this video to be about letting go, having fun and dancing. The dance aspect is a big part of my music, my live shows, my performances in general. So that’s what this video is.  


You’re also releasing new music this year, what can fans expect from that?

Yes l’m making new music now. It’s gong to have a mixture of sounds – there’ll be more fun tracks and there’ll be some ballads – l listen to so many different genres so l want to include a mixture. 

What do you hope listeners take from your solo records?

For me the song has to have soul, it has to make you feel something. Whether its happy, sad, its important people have something to connect with in the song. 

Will you be releasing an album this year?

Yes! I feel like I’ve waited my whole life to release my own album… the time is finally coming!

You’ve recently wrapped your first UK tour and are now gearing up for a string of US dates, what can concert goers expect from your shows?  

A 360 show. I’ve gone quite old fashioned with the way I’ve put my shows together. Not from a technical point of view but from an entertainment perspective. Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars are artists l look up to when l see them perform. Michael Jackson is one of my biggest influences. l want to be the kind of artist who puts on a real, big, energetic show. Whether l’m up there with a DJ and 2 dancers or a full band with a cast of dancers l want people to come away feeling like they’ve seen a real show, not just a concert. l’m also doing some shows with Kygo which should be fun!   

Is breaking into the American market a major goal for you this year?

America is a definite goal. That would be my dream come true.

Apart from new music and touring, what else can we expect from you in 2018?

Watch this space! Acting maybe….!

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