EXCLUSIVE: Austrian Singer KTEE Talks About The British Music Scene

KTEE is a singer/songwriter from Austria. She has recently released her new single ‘Rollercoaster’, and here we speak exclusively to the rising star about how the music scene differs in Britain compared to her native Austria, favourite British artists, and much more.

How would you describe the British music Vibe? 

In a word.. Varied! The UK has a really special mix of musicians from all over the world and it means the whole country is a melting pot of different sounds and styles. You can go to a gig and hear something you would legitimately have to travel the world to hear anywhere else!

Do you feel there are many differences between the Austrian music scene compared to Britain’s? 

Oh yes I really think so. Many Austrians really love „Schlager“-music, which is comparable to American country music in a way, but of course in German. Famous Austrian artists are often also comedians and thus, their songs/lyrics are often ironic, funny or self-ironic. Austrian artists tend to not take themselves too seriously, and this is what Austrians like, at least this is the way I see it. Austria doesn’t have a pop music history like Britain has. In addition, being a singer or musician in Austria is more seen as a hobby, so it is not seen as a career or occupation by a majority of the society. That makes quite difficult here as an artist/singer. 

How do you feel the live circuit differs? 
There’s much more opportunities in the UK and promoters can be more open minded. Even with lots of venues closing, there’s still a real hunger for grass-roots live music in the UK. It’s very important that stays protected because it really is unique to the UK.

Which British artists are you currently listening to? 

Jessie J, she is just awesome and I really admire her voice control and her songwriting skills. I also like Rita Ora, especially her new song ‘Your Song’. I also used to listen to songs from Duffy when I was younger. And sometimes I listen to songs by Adele, but not too often. Jessie J is my hero- I know all of her songs and I am looking forward to her new album.  And it is almost impossible to not listen to Ed Sheeran songs. 

Are the any Austrian acts you can recommend the UK audience should check out? 

Well, we don’t have that many English speaking/singing artists/singers here in Austria and it always depends on what type of music you are into, but you should definitely check out KTEE :D or if you want to listen to some good German music try Julian Le Play, he has an amazing voice. So, if you don’t understand what he is singing about, you can at least enjoy the sound of his voice.

Do you feel it is easier or harder to make a name for yourself in your home country? 

Well, I have to admit it is not that easy. Every record label recommends for an Austrian artist to sing in German because this way it would be much easier to make a name of yourself. But this is not what I want. I love the English language and I love pop music, which sounds way better in English in my opinion. I just couldn’t do what I am doing if I sang in German. It wouldn’t be KTEE, it wouldn’t be me. And I definitely want to stay true to myself. There are so many people out there trying to tell you what is best for you, and I am happy about constructive feedback. But when it comes to KTEE as an artist- only I myself know’s what is best for me. So even if it is the harder way and even if I have to fight more and even if I have to be louder than others to be heard – I WILL NOT GIVE UP, cause this is my dream. 

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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