EXCLUSIVE: Bailey Bryan Talks New Single ‘Perspective’

Bailey Bryan is a fresh and exciting rising Country crossover talent whose sound is an exciting mix of the likes of Carly Rae Jepsen and Kacy Musgrave. The Nashville based singer/songwriter has recently shared her brand new single ‘Perspective’ which is quickly becoming one of the hottest releases of 2019.

This year will also see Bryan sharing her new EP and touring the UK opening for Country band LANCO.

UK Dates

MAY 01 – London, O2 Academy Islington

MAY 03 – Birmingham, O2 Institute3

MAY 04 – Manchester, Academy 3

MAY 05 – Glasgow, Oran Mor

MAY 06  – Bristol, The Fleece

Here we chat exclusively to Bailey Bryan to discuss all things ‘Perspective’:

Can you tell us a little about what the writing process was like for your new single ‘Perspective?

Writing ‘Perspective’ was a really natural process for me. One of the first lines in the song says “this morning I woke up with an idea in my head”.. And that’s literally how the song started, I just woke up with pieces of it already in my brain and I brought in a couple of my favorite co writers to help me finish the song and then Perspective was born!

What are you hoping fans take from the track?

I hope that anybody who hears this song feels empowered and takes from it that the truest kind of love is a love that makes you feel whole as an individual, not broken without another person. Good love isn’t there to compensate, it’s there to compliment. And I want people to realize that this doesn’t just apply in a romantic relationship- I’ve been given examples of this love through my friends and family, my relationship with God and my fans. And because of that now I’m learning how to give that kind of love to myself. So I hope that maybe this song can spark that sort of realization in other people the way that it did for me.

Your style features a range of music influences, do you feel it’s important for the Country genre to have this kind of fluid freedom?

I think it’s so important. If you look at the evolution off all types of music over time it’s really all building and borrowing and changing. Even in Country, a notoriously more “traditional” genre, if we’re going to continue to tell the vivid and emotional stories that country music is so famous for telling, then we need to keep finding new ways to present and connect people with them. I don’t think a lot about being “fluid” or not when I’m in the studio or I’m writing- my best creative days are the days when I just think about making something that I love and telling the story of an emotion. Which might be the most fluid thing I could do now that I think of it. I hope that country music and just humans in general will keep embracing music that comes from that place, I think it’s necessary and inevitable.

Is there one song in particular off your upcoming EP that you’re most excited about sharing?

My favorite song on this record changes like every week… But right now I’m really excited for people to hear a track called “Steal Your Girl”. It just showcases a different side of me that no audience has really seen or heard before, and it’s FUN to perform.

Along with releasing new music, you’re also touring the UK with LANCO this May, what can we expect from your live set?

It’s just going to be me playing guitar and singing when I open for LANCO so you can expect a kind of chill acoustic vibe!! But like, still a good time. You can also expect to hear 5 out of 6 new songs that will be on my project.

Are you hoping this tour slot will lead to your own headlining show one day?

I’m always hoping that with anything I do I’m getting at least a step closer to headlining my own tour. It’s my biggest dream to get to create a really personal experience for me and my fans. I hope to release a full length album at some point and have a tour that’s an extension of that in every way from the way it’s set up, to the stories I tell on stage… I can’t wait for that.

What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about being out on the road?

My favorite and least favorite thing about being on the road is being in so many different places all the time. If I can be present in each place and make it an experience with my band mates then the travel is such a blessing… But sometimes it can be easy to just fall into a routine of just eating and sleeping and getting on stage and just going through the motions outside of the performance (which really always a new and wonderful learning experience for me so far) because it can be exhausting. The very thing that makes touring so amazing is definitely the same thing that makes it hard.

What type of vibe are you looking to bring to the LANCO tour?

I’m just hoping to really connect with people on this tour. Like I said, it’s just going to be me and my guitar so the set will feel intimate. I’m looking forward to just talking to the audience and seeing how they react to hearing the new music stripped-down before it’s even released. I want everyone to relate and feel like they’re talking to and watching a friend.

Can we expect any collab between you and LANCO?

I mean… I’m just excited to meet them at this point! This will be my first time spending any time with the guys and I’ve heard so many genuinely great things. And I would collaborate with LANCO literally any day in any form so maybe if we just start expecting it now it will happen.

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