EXCLUSIVE: Bernhoft & The Fashion Bruises Discuss New Music

Bernhoft & The Fashion Bruises are currently making major waves in the RnB scene and recently their latest album was nominated for a Grammy award, while their new single ‘Humanoid’ is gaining major support across the world. The track dropped this past August and is lifted off the four-piece’s newest album of the same title.

Here we chat exclusively to Bernhoft & The Fashion Bruises to discuss their new music:

Can you tell us a little about how your new record came to be?

I basically had a bit of a crisis where I couldn’t find my place in pop music, I felt washed up doing guitar based organic stuff when everything seemed to revolve around EDM. And then it turned around from being a problem to being the solution, go deeper into human and organic matters, write songs with and for a band and record it live. 

What was the daily writing process like for this new album?

Once the tone was set, it was basically about recording extremely sparse demos, juggling them around with the Fashion Bruises in the rehearsal room, bringing those ideas back home, and then like that for a half year long pingpong game. 

 When writing and producing for this LP where did you look to for inspiration?

It felt like it was all around me. The music was written in contrast to, but also in a dialogue with, the more computerised auto-tuned trap-hat-maniacal music dominating the airwaves. And the lyrics too, I felt I had enormous amount of algorithm-inflicted shit going on to process. 

Which song off the album are you most excited to share with fans?

That’s gotta be ‘Beliefs’. It feels lush, like a thick blanket of deep lilac velvet to spread out comfortingly over the audience, and while they all say aaaah I give them all a lil pinch of real potent guitar wasabi straight to the palate. It’s a bomb. 

The album is all about making human connections, what made you want to look further into that theme?

It feels like the subversive, and right thing to do.

How important do you feel it is for people to make actual connections to music rather than just through screens?

Well, screens f*ck you up. It’s not good for the quality of communication, interaction in general or sleep. And I’m really a tech optimist, but we have to take control over tech and not let it control us. I get it, people want to document that they’ve been to a gig, but I somehow feel if you have friends who trust you when you merely say you’ve been there, they’re not worth your time. Chill out, listen, watch with your eyes. It’s good for you  

So, would you like to see some sort of restriction for mobile phone use at concerts to prevent people from watching through their devices?

No. But I would like a filter that detects front row idiots that turn their backs to the stage to take a selfie with the artist as a backdrop, and gives them. Hideous faces. Compulsory.

Along with touring, what else do you have planned for 2018?

Sleep and food. I’m a simple man.

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