Exclusive: Brooke Taylor Interview

Best known for being a Radio Disney host and beauty blogger, Brooke Taylor exclusively chats with us.

As part of her Radio Disney job, Brooke recently go to interview one of our favs, DNCE and play quite possibly the best new game ever. Try not to laugh, we dare you.

Now you’ve seen Ms. Taylor in action, let’s get to know her a little bit better.

CM: Ok, so you have quite possibly one of the best jobs ever: A Radio Disney Host! What’s the best perks of the job?

BT: Most people would expect me to say interviewing and meeting so many celebrities, but to me the best perk of my job is reaching so many people. Never in a million years did I think I could have impact on millions of people’s lives. My goals and dreams growing up were for people to know my name and be a positive role model for the younger generation. I was lucky to grow up in a family of 6 kids, but being the 2nd oldest, I didn’t have a big sister, just a big brother.. so, I didn’t have anyone to teach me to straighten my hair or borrow clothes from; I had to teach myself all those little things. So, I always wanted to be that ‘big sister’ for people in any way that I could.. and working for Radio Disney and having my fashion blog.. it’s a dream come true to reach as many people as I do.

Exclusive: Brooke Taylor Interview 1

CM:Quite a role reversal here, being interviewed instead of doing the interviewing, Do you get nervous at all?

BT:Oh my gosh yes! I love getting nervous, I feel like it makes me know that I care about what I do. It’s weird though, it’s not like a shaking and trembling kind of nervous.. I just get in my head and sort of coach myself. Like, “Okay, Brooke you’ve got this.”

Exclusive: Brooke Taylor Interview 5

CM: Who were you most star struck interviewing? Is there anyone you haven’t met/interviewed that you would love to interview?

BT:Ahhh I can’t pick just one, Jennifer Lopez, Pharell and Jessie J were my top 3! There is definitely someone on my bucket list to interview that I haven’t yet… Justin Timberlake if you’re reading this… LET’S DO IT!

CM: All time favorite Disney movie?
BT: This is easy, The Little Mermaid. I literally know every single word.

Exclusive: Brooke Taylor Interview 4

CM:You’re also a beauty blogger, what do you think is the hottest trend of the summer?

BT: Yes! My site www.BrookesLook.com is full of outfit of the day inspiration and video tutorials of some of my favorite looks and beauty hacks. The hottest trend of this summer… this is so hard, but I feel like overalls are going to be a THING this year. Last summer they sort of made their way back into the fashion world but a lot of people were scared to do it (me being one of them). That being said, I’ve already bought two pair of overalls and can’t wait to rock them with a cute tank and Converse! I’m also low-key hoping that anklets become a thing again, I LOVE them!

Exclusive: Brooke Taylor Interview 2

CM:You have to go to loads over events for your job. (We saw you were at the Captain America: Civil War premiere and we’re so jealous.) What’s your makeup must haves for those kinds of events?

BT:Events are definitely a struggle for my oily face. Usually I need to be ‘camera ready’ for hours on end, and definitely sweat A LOT. Having a good translucent powder on hand is definitely a necessity; the one I use right now is It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pore powder.

Exclusive: Brooke Taylor Interview 3

CM:What can we look forward to in the future from you?

BT: Hopefully lots of things! I’ve been in radio for almost 6 years now and I really want to dabble more in the TV side of things. I’ve hosted events on Disney Channel and ESPN2, hopefully there will be a lot more of that in the future!

We certainly think we’ll be seeing more of this triple threat (beauty, radio, and tv) taking over the world!

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