Exclusive with Camp Rock’s Jordan “J-man” Francis

Disney Channel is celebrating 100 original movies. It’s pretty safe to say, Camp Rock is one of the most beloved out of those hundred. We got to super casually DM back and forth with Camp Rock star Jordan “J-man” Francis who played Barron James in the series.

To refresh your memory on his Camp Rock greatness:

You are best known for being in the Disney Channel original movie Camp Rock. What was it like to be part of that cast?
“I had no idea what I was getting myself into because the cast was all up and coming at the moment …the cast was amazing and it was a blessing to have the opportunity to share the screen doing what I love with all of them”

Disney Channel is celebrating having 100 original movies. If you could be in any other, which would it be?
“I would say the cheetah girls movies were cool …I had a crush on Adrienne Baillon when they released it …and HSM Saga was great I loved how they captured the dance sequences …”

Fans have attended your many dance classes you instruct. Why is dancing so important to you?
“Dance is important because it’s like therapy to me I release my stress and problems on the dance floor and encourage others to do the same”

What are the best and worst parts of acting, singing, dancing and choreographing?
“The best part of performing in general is inspiring others and transforming into different characters to deliver other people’s stories and through music delivering my own story SoundCloud.com/jordan-jman …no worst part for me personally I’m grateful for being able to do this …”

Exclusive with Camp Rock's Jordan "J-man" Francis 2

What is one dance you wish you choreographed?
“I wished I choreographed Michael Jackson Any video or Justin Timberlake “like I love you” music video ….something about those videos made me want to take my abilities to the next level”

Who is one artist (dead or alive) you would like love to collaborate with on a song?
“I would like to collab with Ed Sheeran and Pharrell Williams”

What can we expect from you in the future?
“Expect more music and more online videos more dance more fun follow my social media for more updates”

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Written by CelebMix