EXCLUSIVE: Camryn talks ‘New Dynasty’ EP and touring with Fifth Harmony

Saturday, October 22, Fifth Harmony stopped by Copenhagen, Denmark as a part of their 7/27 Tour. We had the privilege of speaking with their supporting act, Camryn, prior to the show. During our chat, we discussed her newest EP ‘New Dynasty’, her musical influences, and how touring with Fifth Harmony is like.

When we first meet Camryn, it’s on her tour bus outside the venue she’s performing at later that evening. The young singer comes in dressed in jeans and a hoodie and is surprised at how cold it is outside. The temperature being 5°C, it is definitely a lot chillier than when she was in Denmark with One Direction in May 2013.

We quickly get to discussing how tour life is going. “The fans have been amazing so far,” Camryn tells us. One of the things that she enjoys the most about travelling the world is experiencing so many different cultures. She says, “so many people don’t even get to leave their hometown, so I’m definitely very lucky.” However, there can be downsides of touring. “It can be difficult when you’re never in the same place for a long time,” Camryn says.

This time around, Camryn is only staying in Denmark for less than 48 hours so she doesn’t have the chance to see much of Copenhagen. Despite this, she doesn’t feel like she’s missing out too much because she’s been here before and has seen most of the tourist attractions. She tells us, “the last time I was here I got to see the Little Mermaid and I went to Tivoli.”

Her newest EP ‘New Dynasty’ was released on July 15 and it showcases Camryn’s powerful vocals and empowering lyrics. She shows the world that she’s not the 13-year-old she was when she broke through in 2012. “I’ve grown up a lot and I’m more mature now which is shown in my music,” she says. “I used to be very pop but I have definitely grown to be more pop/rock.”

The rock elements of ‘New Dynasty’ the most present in her track ‘Stadium’ which is also one of her favourite songs to perform. It is no secret that she has been influenced by fellow singer Haley Williams from Paramore. “I love Paramore and Haley Williams. Haley Williams specifically because she is a woman but she’s also in the rock genre.”

EXCLUSIVE: Camryn talks 'New Dynasty' EP and touring with Fifth Harmony 2

We ask Camryn what songs she would put on the soundtrack to her own life and the result is definitely one we would listen to! Rihanna’s ‘Rockstar 101’ is one of her all-time favourite songs so its spot on the soundtrack is a given. “I also love ‘Drunk on Love’ by Rihanna, not to be confused with ‘Drunk in Love’ by Beyoncé – although that song is incredible as well.” The soundtrack would also include a bunch of Paramore songs including their big hit ‘Misery Business’. “I would want something for different moods because it’s not always the same, obviously,” she says “so there will probably be an Ed Sheeran song on there to mellow things out. Maybe even a One Direction song.”

Female empowerment is one of our big topics of the interview. Being on tour with girl group Fifth Harmony is definitely a lot different than touring with Cody Simpson or One Direction. “When it’s all girls, everything smells amazing,” she jokes. “Being on tour with five girls is so inspiring – we’re all doing what we love.”

Lastly, we ask the most hard-hitting question; how is touring with Fifth Harmony on a scale from 7 to 27? “Haha, definitely 27!” Camryn answers promptly.

Don’t forget to follow Camryn on Twitter. Her EP ‘New Dynasty’ is available on iTunes.

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