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EXCLUSIVE: CelebMix chats with Sage Correa

Sage Correa is a rising star who is about to hit our screens in the new thriller, Kidnap, alongside Halle Berry. The nine-year-old actor was cast in the movie at the age of six after numerous auditions and his work will finally be showcased on August 4.

The Los Angeles born actor has been involved in the industry for numerous years already. In addition to Kidnap, he voices the role of Pig Pen in the newly reprised Peanuts cartoon by Charles M. Shulz.

When Sage isn’t showcasing his acting talent, you will find him performing magic or wowing people with his NBA knowledge. The young star is also involved with dog rescue charities and has a rescue dog of his own at home.

We recently had the opportunity to quiz Sage about Kidnap, working with Halle Berry, his voice over work and much more. We also asked him some quick fire questions – check them out below!

sage correa

You star in Kidnap which will premiere on August 4th. Are you excited for the film to finally be released?

Yes! I am so excited because it has been a very long wait! I was only 6 years old when I filmed the movie and now I’m am 9. I still can’t believe that it is really coming out!  It is such a good movie and I can’t wait for people to see it!

You filmed the movie a number of years ago. What was the filming experience like?

Kidnap was the first movie that I ever worked on so it was really exciting! Everyone on the set was nice and showed me the ropes. The most exciting part was filming it in New Orleans where I have a lot of family and I got to learn about the culture when I wasn’t working.

What was it like working alongside Halle Berry?

It was awesome! Halle is very nice and always made me feel comfortable even when we had to shoot scary scenes. Since she is a mom, I think it was easy for her to relate to the situation in the movie. 

You are also the voice of Pig Pen in Peanuts. How does recording voice over compare to being in front of a camera?

Doing voice over work is a very different experience. It is challenging to express yourself using only your voice. Sometime it can be exhausting. Doing the voice of Pig Pen was even more challenging because I had to sound exactly like the original character, but it was so cool to see the end result!

How do you balance acting with your school life?

Sometimes is it hard to balance them both, but I always find a way. My parents always keep me a little ahead of my classwork so that I never get behind. Next year, I will be going to a new school that has a schedule that is better for kids like me who work. I’m looking forward to going there. 

You are involved with dog rescue charities and even have your own rescue dog at home. What made you want to get involved in this?

One of my agents is involved with an organization called TAPS. At TAPS, they rescue animals from shelters and find them good homes. My agent was fostering a cute little spaniel who needed a home and as soon as my parents saw her, they knew she would be a great dog for me! They adopted her as a early Christmas gift for me and we named her Gracie. She’s the best! I couldn’t imagine a better dog in the whole world! 

What advice would you give to other young people wanting a career in acting? 

Start off with a good acting class. That way you can see if you even like acting and you will meet other kids who have the same dream. Most acting schools will have opportunities for you to meet managers and agents. That’s how I met my awesome team! The other thing I always say is to JUST HAVE FUN! It’s important to just be a kid and not take this business too serious! 

What would be your dream acting role?

Kidnap was pretty much a dream role! The only other job I could wish for would be a series regular role and it would be even better if the show had something to do with basketball! 

Do you have any other films in the pipeline that you would like to tell us about?

Nothing I can talk about right now, but I continue to take acting classes so I’m always prepared for the next big audition. 

Quick Fire Questions

Favorite Food? Red beans and Rice

Favorite Song at the Moment? ‘Wild Thoughts’ by DJ Khaled and Rihanna

Favorite Magic Trick? Levitation

Favorite breed of dog? Cocker Spaniel of course

Favorite Season? Basketball Season!

Thank you so Sage Correa for his time! Kidnap will be premiering nationwide on August 4.

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