EXCLUSIVE CELEBMIX PREMIERE: Matt LeGrand’s Music Video To “12:00 am” Is Here

We do love our exclusive music video premieres and we’ve got an incredible one for you right here. Matt LeGrand’s new single “12:00 AM” is beyond catchy so it’s no surprise that the music video has us enthralled from the beginning.

Matt LeGrand was born and raised in Chicago, but spent his infant years in France before moving back with his family at the age of seven; he grew up learning to play a variety of musical instruments. In 2015, he was discovered by Bryant Reid (brother of L.A. Reid, and who discovered and developed Usher, Toni Braxton, and Jermaine Dupri), who has been quoted as saying: “In all of my years in the recorded music business, I must say that Matt LeGrand is one of the hardest working young artists that I’ve encountered. With hard work and talent, great things can happen.”

The song has been produced by Elvis “Blac Elvis” Williams, and reminds us of a cross between Lucas Grabeel’s “135n8” and Scooter’s “4 A.M.”. It’s one that will certainly get stuck in your head. Now, we have a visual to go with the song.

Watch Matt LeGrand’s Music Video To His New Single “12:00 AM” Here:

Giving us sultry vocals, Matt LeGrand impresses with his beaty catchy track. The song has a nice rhythm to it that we’re sure DJs will be more than happy to remix and play during their sets. The lyrics paint a story of what he’ll be doing at 12:00 am with his lover. His voice is pure pop-perfection proving that he deserves a spotlight within the music industry.

As for the new music video, it is full of confidence. We follow three dancers who strut their stuff to the venue, clearly living and loving life, full with sass and strength – they know they’re fierce and they’re ready to dance on stage with Matt LeGrand. As for the singer, he is a strong performer and even joins in with the dancing.

We expect the single to be released soon, it is already available to stream on SoundCloud.


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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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