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Cerina Vincent is one of La La Land’s most versatile actors. She current plays a mother of 7 on Disney Channel’s “Stuck In The Middle”. We got to exclusively chat with her on the show and the millions of other things she’s doing.

Stuck in the Middle is such a fun show! Would you ever consider having 7 kids yourself?
It’s funny that you ask that! Yes, actually. When I was a little girl I daydreamed about having a Suburban full of kids. I come from a big family, I have 37 first cousins, and like 9000 2nd cousins, and we are all really close—a big family and big love. I’m also a pretty maternal woman, if I do say so myself. I’m an oldest sister and so it always felt natural to nurture. So, yes as I play a mom of 7 on TV, it’s a little ironic that I don’t have any kids of my own…yet. It’s most likely too late for me to have 7! But I’m hoping I still have time to have one or two. I will say, however, I LOVE my seven TV children deeply. They are all incredible, beautiful, soulful kids and I feel lucky I get to be their TV momma.


Gotta say, you have flawlessly transitioned from teen actress to adult. Do you have a secret to success?
Haha, well, thank you! I’m so thrilled that I made that seem “flawless!” I feel blessed to have worked in this business for the last 19 years… but it definitely wasn’t always easy. I’ve had many really exciting, crazy, busy years, combined with “transitional” years and little gaps in work that were tough on the psyche. Many times where I’ve been pinned, or been 1 of 2 for some huge roles and projects, and then it didn’t go my way. But I feel like I was raised right. I’m not afraid to work. With a lot of hard work, a little bit of luck, and a lot of meditation and gratitude I’ve managed to have a really wonderful career. And I LOVE this business. I really do. You have to love it to stick with it. I guess that’s “the secret.” Dedication, love and gratitude—really that’s recipe to make anything successful.

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You have an advice column on Huffington Post. Receive any weird stories?
Thank you for reminding me that we need to get back to that! I co-wrote a book series with one of my best girlfriends, Jodi Lipper, and together we have a column on Huffington. But, no, actually… no weird stories! Our fans are awesome, and our books are uplifting girlfriend to girlfriend advice, so most of our questions are about love, diet, and all things that almost every woman can relate to. Our books are irreverent and sassy but give good solid advice for every part of your life. The kind of advice you’d get from a best girlfriend or older sister. Our goal was to create a sisterhood of confident women (aka “Hot Chicks”) who uplift and support each other while making each other laugh!

“How To Eat Like A Hot Chick: Eat What You Love, Love How You Feel” is your best-selling book. So the question looms, what is your most loved food?
Mmmm. My most loved food? Well, if I have to pick one, then just general Italian because that’s what I am. Either that, or chocolate cake. No! Cheese and crackers and wine! I could keep going… But our advice in HOW TO EAT LIKE A HOT CHICK is all about telling women to eat what they love without guilt. Life’s too short to be mad about eating a cupcake. It’s all about balance. Go have burgers and beers with your girlfriends and enjoy every last French fry. Just know that you have to balance that with a hike or yoga and greens later. I lived too long hating myself for eating something “bad.” Now I don’t subscribe to that kind of restrictive thinking at all. All these fad diets are just fads. Eat healthy whole foods most of the time and enjoy your favorite “splurges” too. Once you start living like this it’s truly easy to eat what you love and feel good in your jeans. ;)

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What do you feel are similarities between acting and writing?
Well, I think it depends on what you’re writing. If you’re writing a character, you need to jump into that characters’ mind and heart and write from their perspective, in their voice. So in writing a screenplay, there are many similarities to acting. You’ve got to really believe what you’re creating. Which is the same in acting. I get to play make believe for a living, but I’ve got to do the character work so comes from a genuine, authentic place. If I believe it, so will the audience. (Hopefully) When writing non-fiction, like our books, it’s a little different, but you’re still creating a believable voice. When writing or performing jokes, it’s all about timing. The process is different, but you still have to hear it in your head and feel it in your body. Our writers on STUCK IN THE MIDDLE are brilliant. I’m having so much fun saying the words and joked they’ve written for me!

What can we expect from you in the future?
Well, hopefully a couple kids, a few more books, and much more film and television. J No seriously, I’m absolutely IN LOVE with my role of Suzy Diaz on STUCK IN THE MIDDLE, so I’m hoping for many, many more seasons with Disney. And I also have a lot of stories in my head I want to get on paper. Hoping I can continue this “flawless” journey in this business that I love writing and bringing to life many more interesting characters.

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