Exclusive: Chat with At Sunset

At Sunset are one of our favorite Aussie bands! We got to chat one on one with member Andrew on behalf of the band.

So, you have over 1 MILLION followers on Facebook. What do you wish all those people get from liking your page?

“It’s so weird to hear that number. We are so lucky to have that following and we hope that you all either like the music you hear on the page or just like seeing a day to day update in the life of At Sunset!” 

We love your latest single “Kiss Me”. (It’s so catchy.) Can we expect a full album soon?

“Thanks so much! Really appreciate hearing that! I can’t say too much, but if you like ‘Kiss Me’, there’s more where that came from ;)” 

Andrew and Harrison, you’re brothers, how do you solve any brotherly fights when you’re on your?

“There’s nothing really to solve. I’m always right and I always win ;) – A”

You’ve toured with the likes of The Vamps, Boyce Avenue, R5 and more! Who would be your dream artist to tour with?

“Those tours have been amazing. We’ve met so many awesome people from playing those shows but I think the artist we want to tour with most would be Shawn Mendes. We absolutely love his music, we love his talent and his fans just seem so cool! We would love to meet them!” 

Any place you have yet to tour, that you’d love to visit?

“ENGLAND!! We are massive soccer fans, so to be able to play shows over there and watch soccer games on our days off… That’s the dream!” 

All three of you are deemed heartthrobs, how does that make you feel?

“This is the first I’m hearing of this but I’m liking it! Aha I assure you, we are all weirder than you think!” 

You guys post some killer covers on YouTube. How do you feel about people covering your original songs?

“We absolutely love it. We started the band covering other peoples’ songs and changing them to suit our own style. To see someone do the same to our songs is a strange but amazing feeling. We never thought that would ever happen but we are proud that artists like our songs enough to cover them!”  

What’s the future looking like for you guys right now?

“Our future is looking like there will be more tours coming up. We’ve had such an amazing time playing shows this year that we are focusing on playing as many as we can. Not just in Australia, but we will be visiting other countries too. Stay tuned to our social media to see where we head next ;)” 



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Written by CelebMix