Chemical Surf via Instagram
Chemical Surf via Instagram

EXCLUSIVE: Chemical Surf Chats About New EP

Chemical Surf have just released a brand new EP: ‘Terremoto.’ And yet again, the Brazilian DJ and production duo are ready to capture the attention of millions of more listeners with this eight-track project. As one of the fastest growing electronic acts currently, the duo continues to attract countless new fans following every release. ‘Terremoto’ continues to challenge the normalcies surrounding genres by sonically providing a new perspective to the electronic scene and working to break down barriers. In an exclusive interview with CelebMix, Chemical Surf opened up about their new EP, touring and their fans.

You’ve been dropping singles off your new EP on Martin Garrix’s STMPD label since last year. Can you talk about your decision to release the EP track-by-track, and when we can expect the fourth track?

Together with the STMPD team, we made the decision to release the EP track by track so our fans could get the most out of it. By releasing one track at a time, we have the feeling that you are able to create a longer story, just like TV shows release episode by episode. All four tracks are independently strong, but together they build the mood that we wanted for the EP.

You have a tour approaching, although the first half has understandably been postponed due to COVID-19. What makes you guys the most excited for getting back on the road?

Well, we love being at the road and we really miss the touring routine, performing and getting in touch with our fans. Unfortunately, the virus situation postponed our debut in the US, but we are looking forward to bringing our music to North America. About this particular tour, we’re very excited to play for new dance-floors and meet new people and places.

What new tracks are you eager to perform live?

We have a lot of new songs coming out in the next months and we just can’t wait to perform them live. There is the fourth track from the EP STMPD, tracks with Afrojack, Steve Aoki and much more.

The response to your music has been so positive. You have racked up millions of streams! What has the journey been like so far?

Wow, it’s been a fun ride! We have dedicated our lives to music since we were very young and it is very satisfying to see so many people enjoying our music. It just makes us want to do more and more.

Is there anything you want new fans to know about you?

Chemical Surf is guided by the motto “R.I.P Genres.” We don’t care about genres and limitations, since we believe music is about feeling. We are always trying to bring different perspectives to our musical productions so our fans can have new experiences. We also love to get in touch with our fans and to create this positive energy exchange.

Speaking of your supporters, what else can they look forward to coming their way in 2020?

A lot of new original tracks with fresh sounds that we’ve been experimentating with. We’re also excited to present some new big collaborations. Until then, stay safe everyone. Hope to see you soon on the dance-floor!

Listen to ‘Terremoto’ here.

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