EXCLUSIVE: Clare Bowen Talks Nashville, and Debut Album

On August 31st, Clare Bowen releases her long awaited self-titled debut album. The LP is the first offering from the Australian singer and actress who is best known for her role on the hit US drama Nashville. During her time on the show, Bowen played Scarlett O’Connor.

But, with Nashville having come to an end this year after six series, Clare is ready to step out on her own and this month she releases her debut record, and tours the UK this September.

Here we speak exclusively to Clare Bowen to discuss her album, leaving Scarlett behind, Nashville and more:

You have officially said goodbye to Scarlett O’Connor, how do you fee the Nashville journey influenced your own music?  

She will always be a little piece of my heart, and always has been. It just took Nashville the show, to give her a name and make her come out. I feel like I got to scoop up all the wonderful parts of the show and keep them. Nashville – the city – never goes away. I found my voice, my heart, the love of my life and my home in Nashville. 


Can we expect your own musical style to be similar to what we’ve heard from you on Nashville?  

I was always so delighted when a song came through for Scarlett that really spoke to me. Some of those were “Forever,” “Ain’t Not Normal,” “Black Roses,” “Lookin’ For A Place To Shine,” and “When The Right One Comes Along.” But she was a character, and my debut album had to be me. It’s wonderful to have the freedom now to make music that comes from deep in my soul, to be able to have a wild party performing it live, and also have it be so intimate. My album is my own voice, my thoughts and feelings, and ridiculousness unchained. 


How excited are you to finally be releasing your own studio album? 

Very excited. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m glad – I needed all that time to find my voice and get it right.


What do you hope fans take from the record? 

I hope they hear their own stories in my stories. I hope they all realize their inner warrior. I hope they become aware that even the smallest kindness contributes, little by little, I hope they hear ‘Lullabye’ and know that no matter where or who they are, that they are not alone, that they belong. I hope they forget all their worries, and then at the same time, maybe find the words they didn’t have before, to talk about those worries. I hope it brings people together and puts a little more good in the world.  


You have chosen “Let It Rain” as the first official single off the LP, can you talk us through the inspiration behind the song? 

I personally believe that everything we go through in life happens for a reason. My experiences, good, bad, ugly, awesome, terrifying – they’ve all made me who I am, and I wouldn’t trade those for the world. Even when I’ve buggered things up real bad, it put me on the path to where I was meant to be. And it brought me to all of you. So it’s about celebrating the good, the bad, and the stupid.


You performed the track during the Nashville Farewell UK Tour, did the fans’ reaction play a part in choosing it as a single? 


Definitely. I had so many requests to release ‘Let It Rain’, and such a heart warming response to the message of the song, that it was an easy choice. I have a wonderful team behind me who helps me make these decisions, and they were all just as happy as I was.


You’re also performing your first headline UK tour this year, how excited are you to return to Britain? 

Approximately a billion out of ten. I may faint.


What do you feel the main difference is between the UK and US audiences? 

You’re both always ready to kick up your heels. But UK audiences are a liiiiittle wilder.


Can we expect any collaborations between you and your Nashville cast mates on the album? 

I make a habit of irritating most of them on the regular, so maybe.


Do you plan on doing any more acting? Or are you solely based on music for the foreseeable future? 

Life’s short. Gotta do both.


Do you have a message for the Nashville fans who are awaiting your solo music? 

I love you and I can’t wait to see you. Thank you for believing in me, and in music and silliness and magic and togetherness, rocking out like no one’s watchin… I’ll be there soon and we’ll have a big ol’ party.

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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