Exclusive: Daniel O’Donnell Chats All Things 2021 UK Tour and More

Daniel O’Donnell MBE is an Irish singer, television presenter and philanthropist. In October 2020 he released his latest studio album, which was self titled as ‘Daniel’. The album reached number 3 in the UK charts. To date, Daniel has had 40 albums in the top 40 charts, 18 of these top 10.

In October this year, Daniel is set to go on his UK tour. We got to chat to Daniel and ask him about his tour later in the year and of course about music in general.

How are you today?

Very good thank you very much.

We hear that you are going on tour in October. What are you most looking forward to about touring again?

Well I suppose everybody has been off the road for a year, a year and a bit I suppose. Just exciting the prospect of going out and doing live shows again as a possibility for October. So we’re really looking forward it. These shows were postponed. A lot of them were postponed from last October you know. They were supposed to have happened, and there are a few new ones that have been added. So it’ll be lovely to interact with the audience and play live music again.

So what would you say is actually your overall favourite thing about touring?

The show and the audience and that connection with the audience. You cannot really explain right what it is. Until you are experiencing it. You know it’s hard to describe the feeling of the stage and how the audience interact with the show. It’s just fantastic all together.

Is there a particular city or place you are looking forwards to performing in?

You know, everywhere I go there are people I know everywhere I go. Some of the people have been following me for 35 years you know. In each city, every town we go to, I know people that’ll be at the show. I’ll go out and I’ll know people that I can see in the front rows as far as I can see. So it is wonderful to be able to go out on stage and have familiar faces. It’s lovely.

What can we expect from the tour?

A mix of everything. There will be a lot of the old stuff and some of the newer stuff that were recorded as an album. So a mixture of everything and I just hope people will enjoy that. That’s all we want.

Let’s talk about your album you released last October. We thought it was amazing. If you had to pick a favourite track which one would you choose?

I think the one that for us is very special. It was written by an Irish singer/songwriter called Christie Hennessy. ‘Remember Me’ was written as a rememberance song in the Garden of Rememberance in Dublin. In memory of people who lost their lives in the first world war and throughout wars I suppose through the years. He wrote this song ‘Remember Me’. My wife and I were actually going on a show called ‘The Late Late Show’. It was to promote a charity called ‘The Society of Saint Vincent De Paul’. It’s and Irish charity that do great work with the poor. I was singing a number of songs, and I chose to sing ‘Remember Me’ just in memory of those who passed away. I had it recorded for the album but I’ve said to my wife because she thinks I should go on and sing harmony and Trina who goes on the road with me and a couple of other musicians, we did it very acoustically and it just felt different. So we re-did it for the album and it turned out to be very very special.

If you could collaborate with any artist dead or alive, who would it be?

Theres so many of the greats really that I enjoy listening to. i am very lucky in one respect is that my favourite singers I’ve actually got to record with them. Lorretta Lynn who passed away just recently. Oh and Cliff Richard. So from that point of view it’s fantastic. But so many of the great singers, Perry Como and all of the great crooners, Dean Martin and all of these people. I would have loved to. And Elvis, I love Elvis’ gospel stuff as well as the others, but especially the gospel stuff. So a lot of people like that. There is a lot of the young people, I like Robbie William’s, I like Ed Sheeran, I actually record his song ‘Perfect’ on the album. So there is a lot of singers that I enjoy. Given the chance I would record with.

You have had a super successful career over the years so far. What advice would you give to any aspiring/budding musicians out there?

Well I suppose just be yourself. You know we all admire someone when we are young. We all admire musicians and singer. But we must be mindful that if you are like somebody else you are never going to be as good as them, even if technically you’re better. But your individuality of how you sound is what’ll attract people. So take your individuality and use it. You don’t need to be like anybody else. Just be yourself.

Thankyou for speaking to us today.

Yeah, no problem. Thanks very much for your time.


Friday 1st October: Eastbourne, Congress Theatre

Saturday 2nd October: Oxford, New Theatre

Sunday 3rd October :  Southend, Cliffs Pavilion

Tuesday 5th October: Birmingham, Symphony Hall

Wednesday 6th October: Bath, The Forum

Friday 8th October: Skegness, Embassy Theatre

Saturday 9th October: Plymouth, Pavilions         

Sunday 10th October: Southampton, Mayflower Theatre

Tuesday 12th October: Blackpool, Opera House

Wednesday 13th October: Cardiff, St David’s Hall

Thursday 14th October: Basingstoke, Anvil

Saturday 16th October: Croydon, Fairfields Hall  

Tuesday 19th October: Gateshead, The Sage

Wednesday 20th October: Carlisle, Sands Centre

Thursday 21st October: York, Barbican

Saturday 23rd October: Aberdeen, Music Hall

Sunday 24th October: Glasgow, Royal Concert Hall

Tuesday 26th October: Llandudno, Venue Cymru

Wednesday 27th October: Manchester, Bridgewater Hall

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Written by Emily Severn

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