Dawson Reigns

EXCLUSIVE: Dawson Reigns Releases New Single “The Night Ain’t Even Over Yet”

Although country music has been around for years, it is constantly being re-shaped and re-invented by artists who work their socks off to get their well-deserved big break in the music industry. Dawson Reigns is one of those artists. He is a hard worker, a raw talent, and incredibly deserving of the huge success which he is very quickly becoming. He fits right in with the most legendary country artists as well as the newcomers who are currently dominating the charts with their hit songs, but Dawson has that “it” factor and that something special which could potentially push him all the way to the top.

Dawson is quickly becoming one of the most in demand musicians in the world of country music, but we aren’t at all surprised at that given his natural talent and down to earth personality. In the past, he has co-written songs with Byron Hill, Johnny Bulford, and Phil Barton who have all penned smashes for some of the biggest names in the industry. Dawson has also shared the stage with chart favourites The Band Perry, Luke Brian, and Holloway Road to name a few so he is definitely in good company!

His unmistakable talent shines through in his newest single, “The Night Ain’t Even Over Yet,” which we are excited to be able to reveal to you exclusively, right here! Check it out below, and let us know what you think. We already love it!

Dawson’s latest single has been taken from his most recent self-titled EP which you can purchase here. It is definitely one of the stand-out tracks on the EP with its pure country vibe, which makes us want to kick back in front of a roaring fire and strum our favourite guitar… Okay so we can’t play the guitar at all, but Dawson certainly can! The musical arrangement of the song combined with his amazing voice is the absolute epitome of country music and it makes for a great single which will be stuck in our heads for a very long time.

If you love, “The Night Ain’t Even Over Yet,” as much as we do then you can hear Dawson perform it live when he takes his music on the road in the coming weeks. The Rising and Gary Quinn will be joining him on the eight-date tour which starts in Glasgow and finishes in London so it is sure to be a good time. The full list of his upcoming tour dates are as follows:

22nd March at Broadcast in Glasgow
23rd March at Jumpin’ Jack’s in Newcastle-upon-Tyne
24th March at The Dog House in Carlton
25th March at Eiger Studios in Leeds
26th March at Gullivers in Manchester
29th March at The Railway in Winchester
30th March at The Cellar in Oxford
31st March at The Garage in London

You can purchase tickets for the tour by clicking here.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go and listen to, “The Night Ain’t Even Over Yet,” for what could very well be the hundredth time.

What do you think of Dawson Reigns’ new single? Will you be buying tickets to go and see him on tour in March? Let us know on Twitter, @CelebMix.

Written by Zoe Adams

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