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EXCLUSIVE: FHAT Talk New Video and Work With ‘Chewing Gum’ Star

Queer electronic R&B duo FHAT are currently making big waves in the industry by providing it with a much-needed breath of fresh air. The duo, consisting of Sedric and Aaron, is currently residing in Berlin where they create sexy alt-R&B music. Glitchy, smooth and wonderfully chill, their latest tracks “Pleasure” and “ONATD” will most definitely get you in the right mood.

After having been featured on big Spotify playlists like “Out Now”, the two have decided to shoot an inspiring music video for their debut single “Pleasure”. It follows the story of a man being held captive by his one secret pleasures, only being able to unleash them while finding himself inside a red room in his apartment. Not only is the message behind the video inspiring but it also features no one less than “Chewing Gum” actor Olisa Odele in the starring role.

CelebMix had the chance to talk to the duo about the inspiration behind their music, their new video and how it was to work Olisa Odele. Read all about it down below:

Hey guys, lovely to meet you! Congrats on the debut of the new video! How does it feel to have just released it?

Sedric: Really amazing! This is by far the thing I’m most proud of. The feedback has been really great so far.

Aaron: So good! The experience of filming a video that looks like a movie was so eye-opening. Such a beautiful experience to bring an idea to life!

Before we start, I would like you to introduce yourself to our audience really quick. In a couple of words,what are the most important things they should know about you?

S: Food, music, and sex pretty much sum it up.

A: We are sensitive/loving beings who want to make music that will make people happy!

“Pleasure” is currently getting a lot of streams on Spotify. Can you tell us a bit more about the song itself and the inspiration behind it?

S: We wrote the song about our careers, in the form of a love song. It’s a mixture of how we feel about each other as friends and how we feel about all the sacrifices we made to be artists.

A: Exactly. Don’t mind the hard times because the reward comes with so much pleasure!

And how did you come up with the concept of the music video?

S: It was something that just fell out of my mouth at the meeting. The two main things I saw was a bubble wrap room and a sexy mailman with a box. Then Aaron had the idea to get Olisa involved. The rest kind of took on a life of it’s own.

A: Yes. So thankful for the team that worked on it as well!

Talking about Olisa [Odele]: Congrats on having him play the lead role in your music video! How did you guys get him involved in the project?

S: We met him on the subway in London about 8 months ago. He’s been championing the FHAT project back when we only had a few demos. After we’d come up with the concept, Aaron called me into the room and told me to “hear him out”. Then he introduced the idea of having Olisa as the star – I was so into it, but was afraid he’d say no. But once we called him, it was full speed ahead.

A: Yes, Olisa is so amazing! His energy is through the roof. He came to Berlin with his best friend and we filmed the video in 2 days with little sleep and wow!

How was it working with him?

S: Incredible. He brought so much intensity and passion to each moment, it’s hard picturing anyone else filling that role now. He’s just a lovely person all around.

A: He’s a legend. His energy is infectious and his skills are endless.

What is the most important thing or message you would like your audience to take away with them after watching your music video?

S: Love and accept yourself, then do the same for others. Even the weird stuff.

A: Don’t be afraid to show your true colors to the world! That’s the part people love to see!

How did you guys get started in the music industry?

S: I started young, singing in my hometown Philly doing jazz and gospel gigs. Then I moved to New York and got a degree in music and kept going from there.

A: I started singing in a jazz Trio when I was around 17. then I was working in business for many years but yearning to do music. Sadly my mom passed away and after that I moved to NYC to follow my dreams. Then LA.., now Berlin!

What are your major influences?

S: Anything that involves connecting with people and learning more about them, whether it’s music, reading, traveling. It inspires me to learn more about myself and express that through art. I think that’s why the FHAT project has been so fun. It’s a sharing experience.

A: My major influences are the queer and gay artists that are taking over the world! Frank Ocean, Sam Smith Troye Sivan, Steve Lacy, Kaytranada. It’s so inspiring to see real artists with talent and stories and sharing them in unique ways.

If you take a look into the future: where do you see yourselves?

S: I would love to have our own studio and just work from there 24/7. Of course it’d be great to be on tour, with an album out. Hopefully we get to a point where we can develop other artists and have a collective.

A: Yasss! I think we want to share what we have learned about the music business with other talented people and younger people. If we could build FHAT to be a big movement would be amazing.

What is up next for FHAT?

S: A new song, some shows, and a damn vacation.

A: Writing more songs, shows and hopefully more fun visual stuff

If you could give our audience one bit of advice for themselves: what would it be?

S: Don’t let anything or anyone (including yourself) hold you back from being the best version of yourself you can be!

A: Don’t be afraid of change! Whether it’s moving, changing jobs, trying new experiences. Just do it!

Thank you so much for the interview!

S: Thank you!! Big FHAT hug!

A: Yaaas, thank you so much!

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