CliQ 'Dance on the Table'

Exclusive First Look: Production Duo, CLiQ, Drop Latest Anthem, ‘Dance on the Table’

Production and DJ duo, CLiQ, have just released their brand-new summer banger, ‘Dance On The Table’ via Sony Music.

The new release is extremely infectious, has a cool vibe, and mixes multiple genres of music, making it a hot club-ready anthem.

The track shows the twosome team up with pop, afrobeat and grime talents to inject a fresh attitude into their music.

‘Dance on the Table’ features BBC Introducing’s Caitlyn Scarlett, grime MC Double S – whose recent release, ‘Certy’, featured grime royalty, Skepta – and afro-swank artist, Kida Kudz (his own interpretation of afrobeats).

CLiQ – made up of Robin M and Max Reich – shot to fame in 2018 with their house anthem, ‘Wavey’ – which amassed over 50 million streams across all major platforms.

After being friends for over six years, they got in the studio together and decided to join forces as ‘Wavey’ did so well.

They have received support from the likes of Mistajam on his Radio 1 show, Pete Tong, and even done club outings with renowned DJs David Guetta, Oliver Heldens, Martin Garrix and many more.

We caught up with the pair ahead of the release where they talked all things music, what it’s like working with your best friend and where they see themselves by 2020!

Hey CLiQ. Tell us about yourselves!

Max: I’m Max. I’m the Swedish dude in CLiQ. Ive been working in the industry for a few years now and I’ve been based in London for a good few years and been in the music industry for quite a while with several different projects and the new project me and Robin are doing, CLiQ, and that’s pretty much it.

Robin: I’m Robin. I’m the mongrel. Half Italian, half English, half this, half that. I have many halves in me, maybe I’ll break it down into quarters, who knows. I found my way into music a little while ago. I’ve been jamming with Max and we did a couple of tracks together and came out with, ‘Wavey’, and formed the group, CLiQ. Ever since, we’ve been cracking on, making music, getting into shows, trying to get DJ mixes out there. So we’re very excited about what’s about to come out now.

How did you guys meet?

Robin: We actually met through a mutual friend.

Max: Actually many years ago. Six, seven, eight?

Robin: I think maybe six years ago. Our mutual friend – who’s also in the music industry – and actually, was one of the kinds of our current manager at the moment. We met on a friendly basis, we didn’t really get in with music. Over time, we ended up hanging at a studio having a couple of drinks and we decided to make music together and the first record we did was, ‘Wavey’.

Are you guys good friends?

Max: We make music and we hang as well. We go to the pub and have a few drinks. When we’re not making music we always hang around so we’re good friends as well.

Does working with your best friends have it’s advantages and disadvantages?

Robin: I think so. You automatically know a little bit more about each other when you’re friends and you kinda’ know what each other are into. Also, it’s quite easy to say to each other, ‘Actually it’s not very good’ or, ‘That’s really good’. So there is no sort of hidden stories behind what we think is going to work in each others own tastes, do you know what I mean?

Was it always music, or did you both have other aspirations?

Max: Erm, editing, camera and documentary and film many years ago. That’s what I was kind of into but it always has been music. I’ve been DJing for a good few years now so I’ve always been very close to music so it will stay for the rest of my life to be honest.

Robin: I remember when I used to do my paper round, I used to come home and drive the family wild with all sorts of different genres of music with these speakers that were just too big to be in my room and the neighbours hated me and everything. I got a feeling that eventually drove me back to music. I’ve always been collecting records since I was old enough to get pocket money so I think it’s always been in my veins.

Onto your new single, ‘Dance on the Table’. Tell us all about it.

Robin: Actually it came from an interesting session with some friends of ours, and it was the first time we met Caitlyn [Scarlett]. We were just in the studio jamming with another production duo, Banx and Ranx. We cooked up a beat all together and Caitlyn was there. She was in a rush because she had to go and catch a flight – if I can remember correctly. So, she rushed out this vocal and we were like, “Hold on a minute, you might have to just hang around a bit later and be late to wherever it is that you’re going”. And, that’s how, ‘Dance on the Table’, originally formed up. We then were looking for some other people to put a little bit more spark on it so we reached out to Double S who also did some work with us on, ‘Wavey’, he did a VIP edit with Wiley. So, we’ve had a relationship with Double S in the past and then we met Kida Kudz, who just killed it. He was really fun to work with and really enjoyed what he put down as his verse. So, we managed to find a way to keep both of them on there.

What was it like working with Caitlyn Scarlett, Double S and Kida Kudz on the track then?

Robin: Well, we haven’t worked together all four of us in a room at the same time, but each individual one of them were extremely easy to work with, lots of fun, lots of good energy, lots of laughter, lots of vibes. It’s been pretty crazy. The records been quite a rollercoaster to get together but it’s turned out to become a really good thing.

Back to your track ‘Wavey’, did you expect the reaction it got?

Max: No, not really to be honest. You don’t really know when you’re in the studio producing and writing records. You just do whatever feels right in the moment and you would never predict it. If we all knew how to predict how a record would do. You know, it would kinda’ take away the fun I guess. You always do whatever feels right.

Robin: I feel we know when there’s a record that sounds good and there’s a really good vibe in it, do you know what I mean? But, until it goes out to the peeps or people, you have no idea how they’re going to react to it. ‘Wavey’ was really loved by people which was great.

What was it like garnering support from Mistajam and other huge names in the industry?

Robin: It’s a bit mind-blowing. I listen to Jam on the radio when I’m driving around so it’s quite fun to hear he’s supported the record. It’s almost like a commission on your work. It’s like, “Oh Okay. People are really starting to dig this now”. The fact that they come in and give you some support and get it out to more people that pick up on the record just makes it really exciting and fun to do.

Are there more collabs coming up?

Robin: *laughs* Ooooof! We do have a lot in the pipeline. We have a lot of records under our belt now and we keep cooking up more and lots of exciting things. But, I can’t really give it away! But, we have some cool club records coming and we’re hopeful that we’ll get some new shows coming up and etcetera. Right now, our focus is really keen on building up a catalogue of records to put out there.

Finally, where do you see yourselves by 2020?

Robin: Wembley! *laughs*

Well it’s possible!

Robin: More music, and we’re going to gear up to get our show together and we want to get back out to the clubs!

So, Ibiza is on the cards?

Robin: We did Ibiza last year and we are hoping that some things are coming along this year. We’re in talks so, we’ll see what happens.

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