Exclusive: Getting to know Bishøp

Bishøp is DJ/singer/songwriter/producer that needs to be on your radar. We were lucky enough to get to chat with her on it all!

“Keep On”


What inspired you to become a singer?
Ever since I was small I always seemed to have a soundtrack playing in my head. Kind of like auditory hallucinations. I think it clicked at a young age that I wanted to make the music I heard in my head “real” so I could share it with others. It’s what I am striving to perfect every day.

What’s your favorite song to perform live?
My favorite song to perform always changes. It all usually depends on my mood and what I am most in touch with at the moment. Singing is therapeutic for me and when I can connect with a song, I can really get a lot off of my chest.

You’re a DJ/singer/songwriter/producer! What are the best and worst parts of each job?
I like to think of singing, songwriting and production all as one act for myself. My favorite part is the creation process and having the ability to sit alone in my studio and be self sufficient for the most part. It’s always so exciting to me. On the down side, I am still evolving and learning and I tend to get impatient with myself when I don’t just magically whip something out (because how often does that really happen?). Sometimes it takes hours, days and even weeks to sort out a tiny part of a song, which can drive me insane but still not so bad in the big picture. The absolute worst thing is when I have to update my Mac operating system and my programs cease to be compatible…..That is the worst. As for DJing, my favorite part is being able to share music I love with people and seeing the reaction. It’s truly an amazing feeling. Worst part of DJing …..having to fly (because it’s scary and uncomfortable also because I’m a big baby).

How would you best describe your unique music style?

Hmmmmm I really don’t know. I’m always changing things up depending on how the music inspires me. I like each song to be it’s own world. It’s kind of like an impressionism but with music I suppose.

What is one song you wish you wrote?
I could name many! “Help Me Lose My Mind” by Disclosure Feat London Grammar is one I love. “Unravel” by Björk is another.

Your soundcloud and Spotify have 1 million views! What does that feel like?
It’s always amazing to see a positive reaction to music you put out. I hope I can continue to share things people enjoy.

You do a lot of collaborations, who would be someone dead or alive that you’d love to collaborate with?
Well, I think that is probably the hardest to answer because my list is like a mile long. One group that I grew up listening to was called Moloko which consisted of producer Mark Brydon and vocalist Róisín Murphy who are no longer together but I fantasize about what it would be like to work with them all the time. Their music has always been timeless to me…..maybe because it was so ahead of its time. Every song was unique and so well written.

What can we expect from you in the future?
I have many more collaborations on their way which I am very excited about! In addition, this summer, I will start to release some of my solo music which has been a log time in the making and that I am beside myself about. I just so curious to see what people think.



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