EXCLUSIVE: Icy Lando Discusses New Single ‘Way Up’

Hi, first things first – how are you?

Hi Guys. I am doing super great. I hope you guys are doing great as well. Thanks for having me

You’ve just released your new single “Way Up” – how has the reception been towards the new track?

It has been super great. Many positive reviews, getting support from various support from blogs, radio stations, Spotify, Apple music and a lot of amazing stuff just happening. I am really grateful.

What was the writing process like for the single?

I am inspired by sexy music. Like you know the  type of music done by Chris Brown, Kid Ink etc. The process was easy really when I heard the hook of the song and the beat. I worked with N-Geezy who is a producer based in the UK on this one. He had worked with Sire on various projects and he had the idea of the two us working together as he felt we could make a banger.

How was working with Sire on the track?

Amazing. Really amazing. He’s the first artist outside Kenya I have ever worked with so its something I will never forget. Plus he’s super talented and has vocals similar to my idol Chris Brown

Do you often find that your music is a reflection of your past and growing up? Is it important for you to write about your past within your music?

Yes its important that your music reflects your past as well as your present which is also important. Being a musician or an artist is all about telling your story to the world and at times there are people out there who might be experiencing challenges you had in the past and you might not know how much hope and impact it can make on someone’s life.

Is there going to be a music video for the new track? (We hope so)

Yes of course. I will do it in London around late May. Hope you guys will premiere it ?

You’ve performed alongside the likes of Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez & even performer for Barack Obama! Who would you say your dream collaboration is?

Me and Chris Brown. I looked up to him when I started doing music so I work really hard to achieve that. In my opinion, he’s the next thing closer to Michael Jackson. He can do it all. Rap, Dance, Sing, Produce music and he is a world class performer on stage

Are there any plans for a UK tour?

Of Course. I love UK so much. I love the premier league which is really popular in Kenya. So yes we are working on that with various promoters when the time is ready.

9) Finally, what else can we expect from you in 2019?

Expect more music and a major collaboration with a major artist. Not going to mention names, it’s going to be a surprise.

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Written by hannahstrong