Exclusive: iNCH releases her single “Sun & Moon”

Singapore alternative-folktronica singer/songwriter iNCH, a.k.a. Inch Chua Yun Juan is gearing to release her single“Sun & Moon” today. In an exclusive feature, CelebMix discuss the song in detail.

“Sun & Moon” is one of those rare tracks where one can find a perfect balance between “word” and “sound”. iNCH’s vocals layer around the background music, giving listeners a chance to savour both the elements together. Sonically, the single is catchy and one do find themselves coming back to the sound again and again. But lyrically, the subject matter of the song is deep.

Written and produced by iNCH along with Evanturetime, the track was mixed by multi-Grammy-award-winning engineer Thomas Juth (KT Tunstall, a-ha, Craig David, Luis Fonsi).

The single explores the Mandarin/Japanese word (ma) which means “gap”, “space”, “pause” or “the space between”, “an emptiness full of possibilities, like a promise yet to be fulfilled.”

The track is a social commentary and observation on the duality between passive observation and hopeless paralysis that comes when facing climate change. She comes to the conclusion that there must be a middle ground.

Today, when a lot of artists try to restrict themselves within tried and tested methods of the mainstream industry, we feel great to encounter iNCH. The artist’s portfolio and her personality makes her willingness to experiment quite evident.

“Sun & Moon” therefore, will not just offer listeners a chance to explore a new story but will also give them a reason to traverse through her entire discography.

The song is iNCH’s first major release in over two years and gives an introduction to her upcoming album, that will debut in an experiential binaural show. The show, titled No Man’s Land, will run from 4/24 – 5/4 at TheatreWorks 72-13, in Singapore. It was commissioned by Theatreworks. It will feature sounds recorded during iNCH’s 2018 expedition to Antartica.

The artist has played at numerous festivals around the world like SXSW Music/ Interactive (Austin, Texas, USA), The Canadian Music Festival (Toronto, Canada), MIDI (Beijing, China), Western Australia Music Festival (Perth, Australia), ASEAN Games (Seoul, Korea), Mosaic (Singapore), and Music Matters (Singapore) and many more. She has also opened for The Like, Katy Perry, Macy Gray, Greyson Chance, Charlie Puth and Vampire Weekend.   

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Written by Ayushi

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