Exclusive Interview: A cappella Group Vadé Talk Latest Single ‘Be Mine’

Vadé are an A cappella group from the UK, and later this year they will be releasing a music video, as well as the EP that accompanies their latest single ‘Be Mine’. In an interview with Vadé, we got to ask them all things about their group, in addition to their latest single ‘Be Mine’.

How did your journey in the music industry begin?

Our journey in the music industry first began with the massive opportunity we were given to sing with Gregory Porter, Beverley Knight, Katy B on BBC2 A gospel Christmas in 2016. A close friend who was MD to the show had worked with some of the members in the group previously on Kamasi Washington’s prom earlier that summer at the Royal Albert Hall and one thing just led to another

Did you have any musical influences that inspired you to do what you do today?

Take 6 are our biggest reason for loving close harmony and contemporary a cappella in jazz and gospel music. They influenced other groups like Boyz II Men, Commissioned and Naturally 7 who we also looked up to. If it wasn’t for Take 6 we probably would never have been inspired to start Vadé.

What messages would you like to convey through your music?

Our biggest message through music is a message of hope love unity and being courageous to do what you love. We know a cappella has not been in the mainstream for many years but we believe that our talent, tenacity, creativity and passion for music can bring it to the forefront of pop culture.

What was it like making the song ‘Be Mine’?

Making ‘Be Mine’ was a lot of fun writing from the perspective of the guy actually not wanting to play games but wanting to commit, although he’s loving the chase aswell as her. We hear so many songs about men being no good or playing games but we thought it was important to remind the ladies that there are still good guys out there.

What has the response for your new single, ‘Be Mine’, been like?

The response to our new single ‘Be Mine’ featuring Jermaine Riley has been absolutely amazing! This is our very first project as independent artists and it surpassed 20k+ streams on Spotify within the first 30 days, 3 plays on BBC Radio 1Xtra and a lot more radio shows with mentions in online magazines and blogs. We are so proud and yet so humbled by the love that the fans have given us, it makes all the hard work behind this single worthwhile.

We understand that later this year your accompanying EP will be out. What was your favourite thing about making the EP?

The creative and collaborative process is always an exciting experience to look forward to. Although Phil and Jermaine are the main arrangers, the rest of the fellas really get involved. Having the opportunity to work with different producers will also expand our world of creativity.

What artists would you love to collaborate with in the future?

JJ would love to collaborate with PJ Morton, Kanye West, Stevie Wonder, Bruno Mars, Neyo. We love artists that love to incorporate harmonies especially close harmonies in their track. It makes us believe and know they would love what we do and we could produce something amazing together!

If you had one message to give to people who listen to your music, what would you say?

Our message would be that when you stop loving what you do, you stop living. So if you have a dream or vision for your life, you owe it to yourself to go for it! It is possible. There is hope.

What’s next for you as a group?

We’re constantly creating new music so there’s more to be released later on throughout the year. We also have a series of performances coming up both here in the UK and internationally.

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Written by Emily Severn

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