AK via Instagram
AK via Instagram

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: AK Chats About “Good Thing”

AK first caught the attention of millions on Youtube over four years ago with his rap remixes of some of the most popular tracks in the world. His work ethic and genuine dedication to improving his craft as both a rapper and producer continues to impress and inspire listeners internationally. After accomplishing several achievements, including landing on the charts and being recognized by rap icons on social media, AK’s hustle has only continued to pick up speed. Most recently, he released a brand new single titled “Good Thing” which continues a thread of new tracks dropped this year after his debut EP ‘On Me.’ In an exclusive interview with CelebMix, AK chats about his new music, collaborations and more.

What can you tell us about your new single “Good Thing” and the inspiration behind it?

This song came from the vibes me and Goldmvn were on in the moment. It was a solid night in LA, good weather, good vibes and I was just thinking to myself like, damn it’s a good thing I go as hard as I do for this sh*t cause I feel so blessed.. and then we ended up making this song together.

Did you write that track during quarantine or beforehand?

I wrote this song a couple days after the Grammys I think, so definitely before quarantine.

Can fans expect to see any sort of visual or video for “Good Thing” in the near or distant future?

Yes! I’m dropping a video of me from my home studio to go along with the song when it releases!

You have released a bunch of new music this year! Has the current pandemic affected any of your plans thus far?

It’s definitely driven me to put more out hence why I’ve been so on top of releasing more music recently, but I think it’s time I take my time and make each release moving forward the best I possibly can make it. I was also planning on potentially touring in the fall, but I don’t think that’ll be happening so that is definitely a way my career’s been affected by the pandemic.

Speaking of major releases, what was it like to finally drop your debut and highly anticipated EP earlier this year? Were you happy with the response it received?

I was so excited to release it. To be transparent, I was frustrated with the fact I made the decision to change the date of its release on two occasions due to a potential opportunity that was never set in stone…but we learn and grow through experience so I’m happy overall with how it all went down.

Last time we chatted, you mentioned wanting to collaborate with Post Malone. Who else would you love to collaborate with in the future?

I’d love to still make that collab happen, also would wanna get in [a collaboration] with JCole and Russ. I love their styles and vibes.

What artists have impressed you or caught your attention recently?

Lil Baby, I’ve never not liked him…but when he dropped “The Bigger Picture” I was able to hear what he was saying and the way he was saying it in a different light and it just changed my whole perspective of him as an artist. That man’s cold.

Lastly, what can fans look forward to in the near or distant future?

More music and hopefully a tour can be announced soon. I would love to hit the road again!

Listen to “Good Thing” here.

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