EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Alaska Talks The AAA Girls North American Tour

The AAA Girls are going on a North American Tour, starting at the end of this month. Alaska, Courtney Act, and Willam – who are all from RuPaul’s Drag Race – will be touring around the US at 15 venues. It kicks off on September 20 in Dallas, Texas and finishes on October 14 in Portland, Oregon.

There is a range of ticket packages available for the dates, which you can buy from the official website. Of the tour, Willam said: “Come see The AAA Girls on this tour ‘cause who knows what’s going to happen when we hit the American stage”.

Check Out The AAA Girls Tour Promo Video Here:

The tour follows The AAA Girls’ debut album that was released during the summer. “Access All Areas” was produced by Sam Sparro and features a few original songs and a few parodies. It charted on Billboard’s Comedy Album chart at number two; and, we feel that it is certainly something you need to listen to. So far, three music videos have been released from the album, which are “AAA”, “A Lacefront Like This”, and “Heather?” we hope more will follow.

Check Out The AAA Girls’ Music Video For  “AAA” Here:

We were lucky enough to interview Alaska Thunderfuck, who answered our questions. She talks about the tour, about Willam and Courtney Act, as well as the music they’ve released as The AAA Girls.

Hieeee Alaska, thank you so much for taking the time out to answer these questions. What have you been up to lately?

Doing drag. Being a woman.

The AAA Girls North America Tour is about to start, can you tell us more about it?

We’ll be doing 15 cities, traveling by bus, and singing music.

How excited are you?

Very! I’m lactating.

What makes this tour different to all the other Drag tours?

Our tour is more than just a concert or a drag show… It will be documenting the rise and fall of a girl group, the conflicts that often arise, and the imminent demise that is inevitable whenever a group of feisty, opinionated performers get together.



There are fifteen dates on this tour, which city are you most excited to visit?

I can’t pick favorites. They’re all beautiful.

What can we expect from you on stage?

I like to treat a show set like a wedding – I like to do something old, something new, something stolen, and something blue.

What is it like going on tour with Courtney Act and Willam?

Courtney will be steaming her vocal chords, Willam will be sucking dicks, and I’ll be watching The Golden Girls in the tour bus.

In the trailer for the tour you said you were excited about getting a tour bus, can you expand on that for us?

Usually, when I’m on tour, that means waking up at 4am and going to an airport where I have to take my shoes and my belt off. On this tour, I get to wake up at 6am, get into a tour bus, and take my shoes off so I can sleep in my coffin bed like Justin Bieber.

What was it like filming the promotional video?

Kain O’Keeffe does a lot of our video content. He’s really talented but also a really good friend – so whatever footage we get is usually just hanging out, forgetting a camera is even there.


The AAA Girls recently released debut album “Access All Areas”, tell us more about the album.

I’m very proud of the work. We each got to bring a little of what we do to the album. Willam brought naughty, irreverent parodies of hit songs (“Dear Uber Driver”, “A Lacefront Like This”, “Heather?”). Courtney brought a fun pop vibe (“AAA” produced by Sam Sparro). And I brought bizarre original songs that only make sense to a very tiny niche of the world (“When the Water Runs Clear”, “Pride or Die”, “Meet & Greet”.)

What was it like recording with Sam Sparro?

He’s great. We went in with nothing, and Sam built a beat and a melody based on what we had bouncing around in our minds. I’ve never been in on that process like that before.

What was it like seeing it climb to number two on the Billboard Comedy Album Chart?

Number 2 seems appropriate.

What track is your favourite and why?

I like “When the Water Runs Clear” because Willam and I jokingly came up with this concept for a very serious song about a very serious subject. I ended up writing the lyrics and my best friend Jeremy Mark Mikush composed the music and its sort of like Cher and Heart had a baby.

What was it like filming the music video for “AAA”?

Fun! We had a drone. It was terrifying. We were riding hoverboards and ribbon dancing with a drone 3 feet away from us that had 16 propellers. I was scared and I’m glad we didn’t die.

You also filmed music videos for “A Lacefront Like This” and “Heather?”, what were they like?

It’s always fun shooting music videos with your friends. It’s a ton of work, but having good friends around who are always joking and making the mood light and fun makes it very enjoyable. The hotel room where we shot “Heather?” was about 110 degrees but the decor was really rad. I want that snake mural above my bed.

What’s next for The AAA Girls after the tour?

We’ll break up, try out our own solo careers, and then eventually be forced to reunite for millions of dollars.

The AAA Girls also appeared in Little Mix’s “Power” music video, what was that like?

Like most television shoots, it is 1% performance, and 99% waiting. We hung out for like 14 hours, adding more and more glitter to our faces and drinking Malibu rum with Jade Thirlwall’s mom.

We were rooting for you in All Stars 2, what was it like to win?

It doesn’t really feel that different from losing. Only now at shows, people announce me as “the winner of All Stars 2”. I really did it for my mom. She and my family had a huge celebratory night when it happened.

You recently released The Official Lil Poundcake Doll, how did that come about?

We’d been working with a developer to do a doll, and I designed the box and recorded the speaking obscene vocals for her. I knew it would be popular, but we literally sold out the entire inventory in one day. I’m getting more for next year.

What has been your highlights over the past few years?

Getting to do what I love – to perform, and create art, and music – is really just all a highlight. I’m very lucky and I’m very grateful.

Do you have any advice for the next Drag Race contestants?

If you feel like you don’t fit the mold of a Drag Race contestant – that’s a good thing. Bianca Del Rio auditioned because she’d never seen anyone like her before. But that’s the thing – they’re looking for new stories. New points of view that haven’t been seen before. So audition. Shoot a video on your iPhone (horizontally, please) and see what happens.

Do you have a special message to your fans?


And, finally, why should our readers come to The AAA Girls North America Tour?

Because it will be very fun and Willam might fellate you.

Thank you so much, Alaska for taking the time out to answer our questions. We’re excited about The AAA Girls North American Tour; it’s bound to be epic.


Tickets for the tour are available now from the official website. There are various packages available, so get them while you can. The AAA Girls Tour will start on September 20. There are 15 dates in total.

Here are the tour dates:

  • Wed, September 20 – Dallas, TX – Granada Theater
  • Thu, September 21 – Houston, TX – Fitzgeralds
  • Fri, September 22 – Austin, TX – Empire Control Room
  • Mon, September 25 – Orlando, FL – Venue 578
  • Tue, September 26 – Atlanta, GA – Centerstage
  • Thu, September 28 – Washington, DC – State Theater
  • Sat, September 30 – Brooklyn, NY – Roulette
  • Sun, October 1 – Boston, MA – Machine
  • Tue, October 3 – Toronto, ON – Opera House
  • Wed, October 4 – Detroit, MI – Garden Theater
  • Thu, October 5 – Chicago, IL – Logan Square Auditorium
  • Sun, October 8 – Denver, CO – Oriental Theater
  • Tue, October 10 Los Angeles, CA – Globe Theater
  • Thu, October 12 San Francisco, CA – City Nights
  • Sat, October 14 Portland, OR – Bossanova Ballroom

You can purchase tickets for the tour here. Also, keep an eye on CelebMix, as we have interviews with the other two members of The AAA Girls, Courtney Act and Willam, to come.

Tell us all your thoughts on our interview with Alaska on Twitter @CelebMix. Don’t forget to tell us your favourite song from The AAA Girls’ album “Access All Areas”.

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