EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Alice D Talks About Her New EP ‘Narcissus’

Alice D is a London-based R&B singer. Having taken influence from the likes of Aaliyah and Brandy, she just has released her debut EP ‘Narcissus’.

In an exclusive interview with CelebMix, Alice D opens up about the EP, lead single Mama Said and her 2019 plans!

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AFTER A YEAR IN THE MAKING MY BABY IS FINALLY OUT!!??? #NARCISSUS IS YOURS TO KEEP??Link in bio??Please stream, follow & share the lurve! Being an independent artist is amazing but can also be tough. I’ve learnt so much this past year & this is such an achievement for me on so many levels. I’m so incredibly happy I get to share this with you all?? Massive love & respect to @oscarscheller who worked on this whole EP with me, to my friends & family who have been involved creatively (@nell.campbell, @willosmarsh, @saradallinofficial, @nickdynan), to the music engineers & my brilliant PR team @libertymusic.pr @jennaj__ – We made it? Thank you all so much? Hope you enjoy & let me know your favourites? xxx

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Hi – first things first, how are you? What have you been up to lately?

Hi Celebmix, thank you for talking to me! I’ve been super busy gearing up to the release of my debut EP Narcissus, which came out last Friday (7th Dec.) I created a music video for my first single More 2 U this year too, which was really fun as I got to work with my good friend on it & style it myself. As I’m currently an independent artist I have to do EVERYTHING myself so it’s a lot to organise, but it makes it that more rewarding!

You’ve just released your EP NARCISSUS. How does it feel to have it released?

I’m over the moon! I’ve been working on it since January this year & so much has gone into it. I’m so used to listening to the songs on my own headphones & when you release it into the world you never know if people will connect to the songs the same way you do but I’ve had such a positive response from it so far, which is great. 

You worked with your good friend, musician and producer Oscar Scheller on this release. Can you tell us about that?

I’ve known Oscar since I was 14 & he is such a special person. He’s a brilliant song-writer & producer so it only seemed natural to work together again. This is the first project he’s worked on where he co-wrote & produced the whole thing! Our sessions didn’t really seem like ‘work,’ as we were constantly laughing & we both love music. I’d often have an idea/ melody & we’d work on embellishing it together. We created the music from scratch, which is a part of the process that I love as each song was tailored to me & the sound I wanted to make. 

The EP discusses the highs and lows of relationships and follows themes of heartbreak, frustration and challenging the male gaze. Was this important for you to express on the EP or did it just occur naturally?

I wanted to make an EP that was relatable & authentic. Each song is a reflection of the thoughts & feelings I’ve had growing up & being in different relationships, so it came naturally, to be honest. I feel content within myself now & can look back on those past situations I sing about & see how far I’ve come. I wanted to let people know that you can over-come the hardships you face in life. My friend said with the messages of the songs, I’m like a big sister to anyone going through something difficult, so that was nice to hear. 

How did you choose which songs to put on the EP? Was it a hard process?

Every song made the EP! We experimented with a couple of different styles, to begin with, but the 5 tracks on the EP had a nice collective sound so we kept them all. More 2 U wasn’t initially going to be included as it started off as a more up-tempo/ Afro Beat style vibe & didn’t quite fit but then Oscar slowed it down & created this 90s RnB feel track, which I loved- More 2 U was then released as the first single off the EP!

“Mama Said” is the lead single from the EP. Is this your favourite track on the EP?

It’s hard to choose actually! They’re all a bit different & evoke a different emotion in me. I feel like Mama Said is quite an anthem & a very relatable track. I love the production on it also but it’s like choosing your favourite child….haha!

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind this track and why it’s important to you?

As I said, I feel like a lot of us can relate to that sort of situation. It’s about craving the attention from a guy who only wants you for one thing. Your Mama told you not to go there but you ignored her (& later regretted it). It highlights the horrible feeling of clinging onto this unrealistic sense of hope. You give in constantly whenever he rings (usually drunk from a night out) but it still never amounts to anything more. It’s basically discussing being young & naïve. I do think it’s important to draw attention to these types of situations as it’s totally disrespectful for someone to behave in that sort of way. 


2019 is right around the corner. What has been the main highlights of this year for you?

Releasing this EP is right up there & receiving some great coverage! Complex UK premiered Mama Said which was really exciting for me! Creating the music video was also brilliant. I feel like this whole year I’ve completely grown as an artist & found my lane. I’ve accomplished so much personally & musically- 2018 has been a great year. 

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?

I have the usual mundane things like go to the gym etc. on my list, haha but I think my long-term resolution would be to make an album & push myself even more creatively. 

Finally, can you give us a sneak peek into what we can expect from you in 2019?

I’m currently in the process of getting a band together to do some live shows. It’s always been a dream of mine to have my very own band as it creates such a great atmosphere. I’m also looking forward to working with more people & creating more music. I have a session already scheduled in for January, so that’s exciting. Watch this space!

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