EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Anthony Touma

Anthony Touma is a Lebanese-French pop singer/songwriter. His music has been majorly influenced by the likes of Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars and Jason Mraz.

Last month Touma released his new single ‘Walk Away‘, and here we speak exclusively to him about the inspiration behind the track, dream collaborations and much more:

Growing up was music always a big part of your life? 

Growing up, music was omnipresent. When I was just a baby, my mom would play me the guitar and sing to me. I joined the school choir when I was 7, had my own rock band when I was in high school and have been working on my solo career sing the age of 18.

Who or what inspired you to pursue music as a career? 

I fell in love with music early on, I would say Michael Jackson was my biggest inspiration growing up and even till this day. Music makes me happy, I couldn’t see myself doing anything else and that’s why I chose this career. 

If you could collaborate with any artist who would you choose? 

Justin Timberlake. I don’t think a list of the reasons is needed.

What is the inspiration behind your new single ‘Walk Away’? 

Positivity. People tend to be pessimistic very easily and they have this knack of bringing everyone around them down instead of encouraging effort and positivity. I’ve faced my share of negativity in my life, from people who didn’t believe in me, to events that made me question myself as an artist. After living some sort of success, I noticed some of these initially pessimistic people coming back around with a completely different attitude and I just felt like asking them to walk away and not waste my time and to focus on the positivity that I try to surround myself with everyday which is why the song is called ‘Walk Away’.

How much fun did you have filming the music video for the track? 

Toumach Fun! (See what I did there?). Filming the music video was an incredible experience. During two days we went spreading positivity in places where positivity was both needed and welcomed. The reactions were a million times better than I had hoped for. The energy from the crew, the people we met on the streets, the dancers and Ingrid the director was amazing. The fact that all the reactions in the music video are real and that no actors were involved makes my heart smile every time I watch the Music Video again.

Can fans expect an album from you soon? 

I am currently working on my first English album and am aiming to release it [at the] beginning [of] 2018! Very excited for it.

Do you have any plans to tour the LP?

Once the album is out, I’d love to go on tour and visit as many places as possible. 

What do you hope to achieve over the next ten years? 

I want to top charts around the world. I want to travel the world through music and most importantly I want to keep growing as an artist and as a musician.

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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