Exclusive Interview: Asher Monroe on finding his musical identity

American singer-songwriter, actor, dancer, director and an exceptionally talented guy, Asher Monroe, has dabbled more and more with his never-ending list of skills to diversify himself in the music industry.

After the release of his self-written and produced album Inner Warrior, Monroe is diving into the director’s seat again and creating work that’s important to him and how he identifies as a musician.

We caught up with him recently for a catch-up and to see what he’s been up to since it’s release.

Asher Monroe recently released the video for “My First Lady,” the first song he ever wrote. It tells the story of an important woman he knows that he wants to thank for being in his life. “It truly was me at my most vulnerable state,” Monroe said. “It was definitely inspired by a very special person in my life and it was straight from the heart. It deserved to have a life of its own.”

He made the decision to create something simple yet detailed, with him standing in the middle of the room singing his heart out with a guitar while a band-mate plays the harmonica behind him on a red couch “to feel like a high-end MTV unplugged.” It was the first time he filmed with a 35mm camera. Since music, for Asher, is about feelings and capturing emotions, he makes sure it’s portrayed in his music videos. The grainy old school film look was essential to making the video match the vibe of the song.

“The song was my inner champion whispering to me that I could be a good writer someday and to connect with my emotions, no matter how vulnerable,” he said. “I hope my fans see the real me in this video, stripped back and straight to the point.”

Music will always be Asher’s biggest love. He’s had a varied career with music, Broadway, movies and television but it’s music that keeps pulling him in. “I live and breathe music, I can’t see myself doing anything else” he mentions. And that’s something he’s going to continue following in addition to following all of his dreams. “I approached this year by setting more goals and relying less on others and more on the God-given talent that is up to me to hone and shape.”

When it comes to television, that’s not completely ruled out. Eventually, Asher wants to star in more television shows or movies but the closest he’s getting to the big screen right now is through the short film he directed and starred in, “Book of Love”. He has submitted the film to different competitions such as the Oniros Film Awards, which is an annual IMDb competition based in Aosta, Italy, that celebrates films with awards in a variety of categories.

Asher Monroe can play a variety of instruments. He learned to play the piano around the age of five and slowly learned how to play the guitar, drums, and bass. His favorite albums are The Beatles 1, Outkast The Love Below Speakerboxxx, and The Very Best of Otis Redding.  

Asher is also the musical director for DrinkNeuro, beverages designed to assist with everyday life such as exercising, mental performance, sleep, and daily life vitamins and nutrients. “They cater for every need and mood I’m in, there is a neuro for everything,” Asher says. “I work out with Sonic, chill with Bliss, drink Sleep before I got to bed. I produce all the visuals and music for the company as well which is a lot of fun, it makes me think outside the box.”

In the past year, Asher Monroe has lived life to the fullest traveling and continuing to have experiences that motivate and inspire him. In June 2017, he met with the pope which he says is an experience everyone should have the opportunity to live. “Just to be in the same room was truly an honor and a memory I will cherish for the rest of my life,” he jokes. “If someone ever asks you ‘do you want to meet the pope?” you say “where and when?’”

The future seems bright for Asher Monroe, who hopes to collaborate and write music for other artists. This 30-year-old wants to eventually collaborate with Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Twenty One Pilots, Sam Smith or Sia in his future albums. Future? “Recently in my catalog of music I’ve either produced or written songs that I feel should be pitched to other artists,” Asher says. “I think that will all be a part of the plan come 2019. Finishing my new album, mixed and mastered, before the end of 2018 would make me a happy man.”


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Written by Evelin Mercedes

Evelin Mercedes is an entrepreneur with an interest in writing about music. Founder of Music Trails. Instagram: @evelinm_