EXCLUSIVE: Interview with multi-talented DJ duo Atmsphre

Atmsphre are an exhilarating new female DJ duo, who are roaring onto the scene with their unique blend of classical and electronic music. Made up of Natalia Barulich and Esther Anaya, the duo are managed by Randy Jackson and will be making their mark on the industry at the Winter Music Conference in Miami later this month.

In addition to being a part of Atmsphre, both Natalia and Esther have already showcased their talents through personal endeavours. As well as being a DJ, vocalist and songwriter, Natalia is a former professional ballerina and currently models for GUESS. She has previously appeared in global campaigns for Apple, Nike, Samsung and more.

Esther, on the other hand, is a classically trained violinist, who has shared a stage with the likes of Kanye West, Rihanna and Cristian Castro. A DJ, music producer and songwriter in her own right, she recently performed a sold out concert at the renowned Ford Amphitheater in Los Angeles.

Now, Natalia and Esther are combining their talents to create something truly explosive. Proving that girl power is much needed in the male-orientated dance industry, Atmsphre are here to shake things up.

We recently spoke to the duo about their the birth of Atmsphre, their inspirations, working with Randy Jackson and more!


Hi girls! Thank you for speaking to us today. You’re women of many talents – have you always wanted to be involved in music? 

Natalia: Yes! It’s been our dream since we were both very young. Esther studied the violin from the age of 7 and I grew up in musical theatre and choir. Both of us come from very musical families and we both knew from an early age this was the career we wanted to pursue. 

How did you decide to form a two-piece, and why did you choose Atmsphre as your collective name? 

Natalia: We have been friends for the past 7 years. We always wanted to work together & last year we organically formed the duo. After spending several years traveling and performing on our separate ventures, we realized incorporating our unique styles and skills together would create Atmsphre. We got the name from the first time we met. We were hired for a Bat Mitzvah to be the Atmsphre Music & Dancers. Esther was playing the violin, I was dancing (I’m a former professional ballerina) and when we decided to start our project it only seemed right to name our partnership after our first musical collaboration! We both have come an extremely long way since that job 7 years ago! Haha. Esther is Colombian and I’m Cuban, so we are incorporating our Latin roots into our sound; this is just one more thing that makes us not your typical DJ duo. 

You’re managed by the legendary Randy Jackson. What’s he like to work with?

Esther & Natalia: We LOVE Randy!! It is an absolute honor and privilege to have him as our manager and mentor. He inspires us, challenges us, guides us, and most importantly believes in us. He also always finds a way to make us laugh every day. Randy is a one of a kind guy. We are so blessed to have him guiding Atmsphre.

You’re known for incorporating live violin into your sets – what’s it like to mix a classical instrument into your contemporary set?

Esther: It is an exciting challenge to mix a melodic instrument to a song that already has all the musical components without being overbearing on the track. It makes me think outside the box and get creative with my sound. The violin brings a very sexy, classy unique touch to our sets and it allows us to engage with the crowd in a more personal, intimate way.

How do you go about putting together the perfect set?

Natalia: We have very similar tastes in music, so putting our sets together is easy! We collect music during our travels around the world. We enjoy using many musical genres, so we fuse songs that are old and new and that will mix well together.  We like to keep the energy high, to maximize the appeal to the crowd for whom we are performing.

Who inspires you musically?

Esther: My father is one of my biggest inspirations. Growing up listening to him composing, playing the guitar and singing to my mother awakened my passion for music. Mozart, Paganini, Michael Jackson, Swedish House Mafia and Shakira are a few other amazing artists that inspire my musical style.

Natalia: It sounds unbelievable, but it started from watching Britney Spears as a little girl. Then my interests progressed to dance/house music. I used to play the dance music station on the radio every morning on the way to 1st grade. I would listen to Eric Prydz, Benny Bennasi, and Carl Cox to name a few and completely fell in love with the energy and emotions that characterize dance music! 

You’ll be performing at the Winter Music Conference in Miami later this month. How are you feeling ahead of it?

Natalia & Esther: We are feeling super excited and ready for our first time together as Atmsphre during WMC! This is the most important week of the year in dance music, so we are thrilled to showcase who we are as artists and bring some bad-ass girl power to this male-dominated industry.

Esther, you’ve shared a stage with artists such as Kanye West and Rihanna. Who else would you love to perform alongside in the future?

Esther: One of my dreams is to perform with my fellow Colombian Shakira whose career I’ve admired as long as I can remember. Of course, I’d also love to work with Drake, Pharrell, Maluma, Justin Bieber and Pitbull. 

Natalia, as well as being a DJ, vocalist and songwriter, you’re also a model and former professional ballerina. Are you hiding any other talents which we should know about?

Natalia: Actually I really enjoy acting as well. I’ve been on a few TV shows and in videos. If the right project comes along, I’d love to go into feature films! Life really is about gaining experience though, and the more I experience the more interests and talents I discover!

What can we expect from Atmsphre during the rest of 2017?

Natalia & Esther: You can expect new music, our EP will drop by summer, followed by a European tour and shows all throughout the US! We will also be filming a Vlog from every show beginning with our first Vegas performance at the Wynn on March 31st at Surrender. We want our fans to see behind the scenes and experience who we really are: family oriented, passionate, goofy yet sophisticated, fun loving, empowered Latina women. Stay tuned, and follow our journey on Instagram! @WeRAtmsphre. 

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